Keanu Reeves gives new update for Constantine 2

Nearly two decades after starring in the role of the occult detective, Keanu Reeves still wants to see the sequel happen.

Fans have been waiting for almost two decades for a follow-up movie to Constantine, especially after reports claimed that a sequel is underway. However, Keanu Reeves isn’t quite certain that the follow-up is coming.

Fans have been waiting for the upcoming sequel for almost two decades.

In a recent "Ask Me Anything" session on Reddit, the John Wick actor eagerly answered questions from fans about what's next for him. Naturally, fans queried him about Constantine 2.

One, in particular, asked Reeves if he'd spoken with director James Gunn about the upcoming Constantine sequel. The fan stated that they hope to see the movie in theaters eventually. "Yes, and me too," Reeves responded.

Reeves has indeed met with Gunn to discuss Constantine 2. However, the actor has remained coy about sharing what was discussed during the meeting.

Reeves hasn't revealed what was discussed in his meeting with James Gunn.

Constantine 2 writer Akiva Goldsman recently gave a promising update about the sequel. Goldsman revealed he's working on the script for Reeves' John Constantine sequel. According to the writer, the character is "very much Keanu" and acknowledges director Francis Lawrence for creating the film’s universe.

The Constantine sequel was green-lit back in September, 17 years after the first movie debuted. Reeves himself has been a vocal advocate of making a follow-up movie, admitting that he "loved the role" and "love the character."

In his desire to make the sequel, Reeves even went as far as "begging" Warner Bros. to make the movie.

"I don't know if it was unfinished business, but it was definitely a role that I loved," Reeves said. "And I thought that Francis Lawrence, the director, did such amazing work. I loved playing that character, and I really enjoyed the film. I was like, [adopts Oliver Twist voice] 'Can I please have some more? ... I kept asking almost every year. I'd be like, 'Can I please?' [and] they'd be like, 'No, no!'"

Constantine 2 will likely be part of DC Elseworlds which is separate from the main continuity.

Fans have been worried about Constantine 2 as the movie was not part of James Gunn and Peter Safran’s first slate of projects for the new look DC Universe. The co-CEOs of DC Studios unveiled Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters which lays the foundation for the DCU reboot.

Fans hoped that Constantine 2 will be part of the main DC Universe. However, Gunn has specifically explained that DC will not be adhering to just one timeline. The director said that DC Elseworlds will feature projects that are not part of the main continuity. Constantine 2 will likely be a part of Elseworlds once the project takes off.

Constantine 2 is likely several years away considering that the script is still being written. Reeves is also busy working on several projects. The actor will next appear on the big screen in John Wick: Chapter 4 which premieres on March 24.

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