Jonathan Majors' legal issues worsen as more victims step forward

The actor's lawyer reiterates that Majors is innocent of the charges against him despite mounting claims suggesting otherwise.

The lawyer for Majors claims that the actor is innocent of the charges.

Jonathan Majors has been in some legal trouble last month after domestic violence allegations were raised against him in New York. The March 25 incident involved an unnamed 30-year-old woman. According to the report, the woman was taken to a hospital with minor injuries to her head and neck.

Lawyers for Majors claim that the woman is saying that it was her fault and that the actor was the one that called 911. Law enforcement officers verified that it was the actor that called for emergency services.

Interestingly, Majors is still set to appear in court on May 8 for the domestic abuse charges. However, it is not the only thing that the actor needs to worry about.

Sources have shared with Variety that more alleged abuse victims have come forward in the wake of his arrest in March. The victims are cooperating with the Manhattan district attorney’s office. Having more women potentially filing charges against the actor drastically turns things around.

Reports say that it was Majors that called 911 during the incident.

Compounding to the actor’s worries, Major’s publicists and management firm have cut ties with him. His manager Entertainment 360 and publicist Lede Company have distanced themselves from the actor in the wake of the domestic abuse allegations.

However, Majors’ lawyers claim that the actor is innocent of the charges and maintain that he has not abused anyone.

"Jonathan Majors is innocent and has not abused anyone," lawyer Priya Chaudhry said in a statement. "We have provided irrefutable evidence to the District Attorney that the charges are false. We are confident that he will be fully exonerated."

During Majors’ arrest, Chaudhry said that the actor "is provably the victim of an altercation with a woman he knows." She also suggested that the woman was having "an emotional crisis."

According to the actor's lawyer, the unnamed woman was having an emotional crisis when the incident occurred.

Chaudhry’s husband, Andrew Bourke, serves as Majors’ crisis publicist. Bourke reiterates that Majors is the victim after he released a series of SMS exchanges between the actor and the alleged victim.

In the text exchange, the woman wrote to Majors, "I told them it was my fault for trying to grab your phone" and that she told police that the incident "was not an attack."

"Please let me know you’re okay when you get this," the woman wrote in the text exchange. "They assured me that you won’t be charged. They said they had to arrest you as protocol when they saw the injuries on me and they knew we had a fight."

She adds, "I’m so angry that they did. And I’m sorry you’re in this position. Will make sure nothing happens about this. … I love you."

Disney has not yet commented on the situation.

The text exchange continues with the woman saying that "there’s nothing to worry about I just want you to know that I’m doing all I can on my end." According to the exchange, the woman plans to tell the judge that the 911 call was made because she collapsed and passed out.

Majors recently debut as Kang the Conqueror in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and is the main villain of the Multiverse Saga. Disney has declined to comment on the situation as of writing. There are rumors that the Marvel has a contingency in place incase Majors' legal issues continue. 

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