Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy are going to star in a Netflix comedy movie

Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy will team up for the first time in Kenya Barris' directorial debut film on Netflix.

Eddie Murphy most recently starred in Coming 2 America.
Eddie Murphy most recently starred in Coming 2 America.

Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy have two things in common: both are great at comedy and both have a penchant for dramatic returns.

In the case of Eddie Murphy, he was pretty much everywhere for most of the 90s and 2000s. However, the former Saturday Night Live cast member then took a long hiatus from the public spotlight, making a magnificent return with 2019's Dolemite is my Name.

Although Jonah Hill's break wasn't as long, Hill hasn't been in the spotlight as much lately compared to the late 2000s and early 2010s. But, just like Murphy, Hill received praise for his performance in 2018's critically acclaimed mini-series, Maniac.

Now, Netflix, the platform where these two all-time comics "announced" their return, is going to bring these two together for a currently untitled comedy film.

Murphy looks to continue his hot streak with Hill team-up

The actor is not the only A-list celebrity openly talking about having mental health problems.
Hill's performance in Maniac received a lot of praise.

Following the success of Netflix's Dolemite is my Name in 2019, Murphy went back to where it all started. He successfully hosted Saturday Night Live before notching another win with Coming 2 America's premiere on Amazon Prime Video.

If you're wondering what Murphy has in store next, this is it. His next attempt to one-up himself is with a Netflix comedy with Jonah Hill.

The two will work together under the direction of Black-ish's Kenya Barris, who was one of the screenplay writers of Coming 2 America. Hill will reportedly help co-write the upcoming Netflix film as well. Meanwhile, Kevin Misher of Misher Films will reportedly produce the film, along with Barris and Hill, who will also produce through Khalabo Ink Society and Strong Baby, respectively.

According to THR, the untitled Netflix movie will revolve around an "incisive examination of modern love and family dynamics." It added that the plot will also delve deeper into how "clashing cultures, social expectations, and generation differences shape and affect relationships."

After making a name for himself with ABC's black-ish, Kenya Barris is set to make his directorial debut with Hill and Murphy's comedy film.
After making a name for himself with ABC's black-ish, Kenya Barris is set to make his directorial debut with Hill and Murphy's comedy film.

It's safe to say that this isn't just your typical run-of-the-mill comedy film. Then again, it's somewhat expected from the first team-up between these two actors.

Unfortunately, this is the extent of the information we know of the untitled Netflix comedy film so far. All we know is the basic plot and confirmation that it is in the works. However, this is Netflix we are talking about. Both actors also don't have multiple projects going on. So we can assume that this movie is going to take priority.

If we're right, we can expect to hear more about Hill and Murphy's Netflix comedy movie within the next couple of months.

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