Johnny Depp reportedly returning as Captain Jack Sparrow in spin-off

According to reports, this is Disney's attempt to test the waters and see if there's still a demand for the veteran actor in his iconic role.

It looks like Disney finally gave up and handed Johnny Depp half a billion dollars and more than two million alpacas. Either that, or the most recent report we got is false.


According to The Sun, Depp is doing a test shoot for a Pirates of the Caribbean spin-off in February. It's unknown what kind of budget the unannounced project, A Day at the Sea, will have. But, we suppose it has to be worth more than a jar of dirt if it's enough for Depp to reconsider.

After all, despite all of the fans asking for him to come back, Depp famously said he'll never don the get-up again.

Of course, time and money has a way of changing things. Besides, playing an impression of Captain Jack Sparrow for a fan in October might've had a hand in reinvigorating his interest in the character that he has played for the better part of the past two decades.

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The status of Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is in limbo after several years of plundering at the global box office. The latest outing, Dead Men Tell No Tales, was seen as a big disappointment when it came out in 2017. Coincidentally, the film also marked the start of Depp's legal issues following allegations from his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

Now that Depp has put his legal troubles behind him though, it appears Disney is willing to play ball again.

Johnny Depp Returning Captain Jack Sparrow Spin Off
Fingers crossed, Disney will confirm that it's working on a spin-off to the Pirates of the Carribean with Johnny Depp at the helm.

Of course, this is all speculation. Disney already has a successor in mind with Jungle Cruise, after confirming that it will get a sequel. The Dwayne Johnson-led budding movie franchise isn't quite the blockbuster hit that Pirates of the Caribbean has been, but it'll get there.

It's also possible Disney changed its mind after seeing Black Adam make so "little" at the global box office despite having been Johnson's passion project after all these years.

Speaking of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise, Disney has reportedly canceled the all-female spin-off with Margot Robbie in the lead. Finally, Jerry Bruckheimer insists that a sixth film in the franchise is still in the works.

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