Johnny Depp does an impression of Jack Sparrow for loyal fan

Johnny Depp delights Pirates of the Caribbean fans with a Jack Sparrow impression albeit a clean-shaved one

Pirates of the Caribbean actor, Johnny Depp, recently did an impression of his fan-favorite character, Captain Jack Sparrow, in a meeting with a diehard fan of the franchise.

Johnny Depp Impression
Depp did an impression of his most iconic character during a recent meeting with a loyal fan.

The 59-year-old star was filmed talking to a fan in a normal tone before he transitioned to Sparrow’s slurred speech pattern where he talks about rum. In the video clip, Depp was asked to do an impression for the fan, to which he says in classic Sparrow manner, "Captain Jack Sparrow. He happens to be right close to the top and at the bottom at the same time oddly".


This is another video of Johnny spending time with Christine Kelly ( the wonderful lady that made us all cry when she met Johnny. @johnnydepp #johnnydepp #johnnydeppforever #johnnydeppsbigheart #beautifulsoul (credit to Christinekelly838)

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This interaction was shared on TikTok where numerous fans expressed their delight with the transformation, praising Depp for the incredible performance.

Meanwhile, the actor’s clean-shaven appearance shocked many fans, with some claiming that it wasn’t him in the video. In response to these claims, a fan wrote, "People saying it’s not Johnny.. you do realize he shaves just like any other man on the planet right?" Another response said, "It threw me off him with no facial hair and of course he’s… awesome, he's Captain Jack Sparrow."

However, once he rendered the perfect impression of Captain Jack Sparrow, most fans saw that it could only be Depp.

The Fantastic Beasts actor had, on previous occasions, has performed the pirate’s voice and mannerisms to fans. He had worn the costume on surprise visits to children in hospitals as he fully assumed the Jack Sparrow character. Also, he has surprised Disneyland guests by standing amongst the wax figures installed on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

Johnny Depp Impression
Depp's last appearance as Captain Jack Sparrow was in 2017's Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

While Depp is most popular for his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, he has delivered some noteworthy performances in the 21 Jump Street series, Corpse Bride, Edward Scissorhands, Transcendence, Mortdecai, and, most recently, the Fantastic Beasts franchise. His performances have won him one Golden Globe award. He has also been nominated for three Academy Awards.

Unfortunately, the actor’s career recently experienced a major difficulty. His ex-wife, Amber Heard, accused him of domestic abuse. This forced Depp to step down from several of his upcoming roles. In 2018, he filed a libel suit against Heard and the jury ruled in his favor in 2022.

Following this, fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean have clamored for Disney to recall him to reprise his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the upcoming sixth installment. However, the chances of Depp’s return are slim.

In the meantime, Depp is working on his first feature film in three years, a historical love story titled Jeanne du Barry, where he plays the role of King Louis XV. Apart from Depp, the film also features Benjamin Lavernhe, India Hair, Noemie Lvovsky, Melvil Poupaud, Pierre Richard, and Pascal Gregory. It features French actress and filmmaker, Maiwenn Le Besco, who doubles as the movie’s director. Jeanne du Barry is scheduled for release on Netflix in 2023.

All five installments of Pirates of the Caribbean are currently available on Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus. The franchise’s producer, Jerry Bruckheimer, recently provided an update on the sixth film

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