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John Wick Director Working on Ghost of Tsushima Movie

The upcoming Ghost of Tsushima movie will task John Wicks' director to turn the award-winning video game into a deserving film adaptation.
The upcoming Ghost of Tsushima movie will task John Wicks' director to turn the award-winning video game into a deserving film adaptation.

A Ghost of Tsushima movie is currently in the works, with John Wick's director, Chad Stahelski, tabbed to work on the upcoming film adaptation of one of 2020's best video games from Sucker Punch Productions.

Sucker Punch Products' Game Director, Nate Fox, broke the news via an official blog post on the PlayStation Blog.

Sucker Punch Productions' Six-Year Project Pays Off

Ghost of Tsushima was one of the last few PS4-exclusive titles to release in 2020 before the PlayStation 5 made its debut.

Sucker Punch Productions have reportedly been working on the game for six years, spending month after month toiling after releasing their last first-party title, Infamous Second Son, in 2014. But, it's safe to say that their efforts have paid off dividends.

Since its release, Ghost of Tsushima has crossed one milestone after another. The game has sold over 6.5 million copies since it was released. Its success also prompted the officials of the real-life island that the game is based on to honor two senior members of the game's dev team as official tourism ambassadors of the island.

Ghost of Tsushima is also rumored to be one of the next PlayStation-exclusive games to make its way on the PC.

With that said, seeing Jin Sakai in action in real life is, no doubt, another huge win for the first-party video game developers. It'll be interesting to see how the game's story, which sees the last surviving member of the Sakai clan wage an unconventional war to free the island of Tsushima, translates into a film adaptation.

Of course, there could've been no better choice to work on the movie than Chad Stahelski.

Stahelski served as the director of the first three John Wick films. He is currently set to start shooting on the fourth installment of the franchise, which has since surpassed the $600 million mark in the box office internationally.

Are There Other Video Game Movies in the Works?

Unfortunately, it's currently unknown just how far along the Ghost of Tsushima is. But, considering that the fourth John Wick film has an expected 2022 release date, it's safe to say that we shouldn't expect the Ghost of Tsushima movie to release earlier than 2023.

If it's any consolation, there are several Sony film adaptations and other video game films slated to release between now and then.

The first among them is the Uncharted movie. The said film stars the MCU's Spider-Man actor, Tom Holland, as Nathan Drake. Meanwhile, a TV series based on The Last of Us is also in the works. It'll feature The Mandalorian's Pedro Pascal as Joel with Bella Ramsey, who had a prominent role in HBO's Game of Thrones, portraying Ellie.

There are also the upcoming cinematic reboots of the Resident Evil and Mortal Kombat franchises, both of which are expected to release this 2021.

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