John Cena vs The Rock in the DCEU? The Suicide Squad star wants to make it happen

John Cena and Dwayne Johnson have squared up against each other in the WWE before, but it appears that Cena wants to take their fight into the DCEU.

John Cena and Dwayne Johnson are two of the biggest stars that the WWE has produced. Although Johnson, who is also known as The Rock, has had a much more celebrated Hollywood career, Cena isn't exactly all that far behind. He's appeared in numerous movies after making his big-screen debut in 2006's The Marine and is set to be a big part of the DCEU as he takes on the role of Peacemaker in James Gunn's The Suicide Squad movie and Peacemaker TV show.

There are very few reasons why Peacemaker and Black Adam will fight, but if Cena wants to make it happen, DC would be stupid not to at least listen.

Both have yet to officially debut yet, so audiences haven't exactly had a chance to see just how big of a role Cena will play in the DCEU. However, this hasn't stopped Cena from hyping his DCEU role up. He's even gone so far as to say that he's "ready, willing, and able," to throw it down against Johnson in the DCEU.

Cena wants to see Peacemaker go up against Black Adam in the DCEU

Cena and The Rock's rivalry is well known among WWE fans.

Cena and Johnson have fought against each other in the WWE before. The two have also teamed up together. Now, it looks like Cena wants the two big hulking stars to reunite in the DCEU.

According to an interview with ComicBook, the 16-time WWE champion was quoted saying, "You know me. Ready, willing, and able. And answering the phone whenever it rings.".

He later added that he wants to see his DCEU character, Peacemaker, go up against Johnson's Black Adam because he's a fan. He then ends this hype-inducing statement by asking audiences to tell him what Johnson says about his proposal.

Of course, as much as Cena wants to make it happen, we don't think that it actually will. At least, not in the DCEU. The only way we see Cena and Johnson possibly going head to head is in the Fast and Furious movies, although it would actually need to be in the Hobbs & Shaw spin-off series after Johnson clarified that he's no longer going to appear in the franchise's last two films.

Going back to the DCEU, the Peacemaker and Black Adam are more likely to be reluctant allies than enemies. Not to mention, despite belonging to the same shared universe, both characters live in completely different worlds. In addition to this, Black Adam is a superpowered human being that can match up against the likes of Superman. Meanwhile, Peacemaker is but a human being.

Then again, who knows? Seeing Peacemaker and Black Adam clash might be pure fan service, but studios have done a lot worse before and gotten away with it.

For now, all we can do is speculate and wait.

Speaking of waiting, The Suicide Squad seems to be a hit among critics. Even if audiences will have to wait until August 5/6 to watch the upcoming DCEU movie, its currently the highest-rated superhero movie ever on Rotten Tomatoes, which should bode well for Cena's future in the DCEU, among others.

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