John Cena thanks The Rock for Peacemaker role in the DCEU

Cena recognizes the role that The Rock played in making his DCEU debut possible.

John Cena isn't the first WWE superstar to break into the Hollywood scene and he certainly isn't going to be the last. However, for the wrestler-turned-actor, none of this would've been possible without The Rock, who was one of the first to successfully make the transition from "The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment" to one of the highest-paid stars in Hollywood.

John Cena Thanks The Rock For Peacemaker Role In The Dceu
Cena and The Peacemaker will both be making their DCEU debut in James Gunn's The Suicide Squad.

Cena pays homage to those who paved the way

John Cena Thanks The Rock For Peacemaker Role In The Dceu
The Rock is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

Celebrity and entertainment news outlet, Extra, recently had a chance to talk to John Cena at The Suicide Squad premiere where the actor was spotted attending in full Peacemaker attire.

Speaking of, it appears that Cena is loving his new role in the DCEU. He's also not afraid to throw praise and appreciation at Dwayne Johnson for paving the way for him.

According to Cena, who recently returned to perform in the WWE again after filming The Suicide Squad, he'd love to see The Rock return to the ring. He describes himself as a fan of The Rock and says that his return to the WWE "would warm so many hearts." However, Cena added that he understands how busy Johnson is at the moment.

In addition to doing press work for Jungle Cruise, which is now a certified box office success with a sequel already in discussion, The Rock has a busy schedule ahead of him.

Even though Black Adam has wrapped up filming, we can expect the upcoming DCEU film to eat up some of Johnson's time for post-production work and reshoots. Meanwhile, in the months leading up to it, Johnson should have his hands full doing press work for the film.

The Rock is also expected to do a cameo in Free Guy, appear in Red Notice, and do voice work for the upcoming animated film, DC League of Super Pets. Then there's the sequel to the Fast and Furious spin-off, Hobbs and Shaw, which should begin filming anytime soon.

John Cena Thanks The Rock For Peacemaker Role In The Dceu
John Cena and The Rock are both part of the Fast and Furious, as well as DCEU, film universes.

Cena is well aware of this. He says that he's only "one thirty-sixth as busy" as The Rock is. At the same time, he explains how special it is going to be to see The Rock perform in the WWE (at Survivor Series 2021) for the first time in what feels like forever. Cena then went on to finish his interview by saying thank you to Johnson, who he says helped pave the way for him to be at The Suicide Squad premiere in his "goofy costume".

While The Rock's return to the WWE and a potential rematch in the ring with John Cena aren't expected to happen anytime soon, audiences might still see the two square up once again.

Both The Rock and John Cena are part of the Fast and Furious and DC film universes.

In the former, Cena starred in Fast and Furious 9 as the prodigal brother of Vin Diesel's Dom Toretto. Meanwhile, Cena has taken on the role of Peacemaker in the DCEU. He's set to appear as the violent anti-hero in The Suicide Squad, which has been a critical darling so far, and the upcoming Peacemaker TV show. Even if The Rock has confirmed that he won't appear in the next two Fast and Furious films, Cena might feature in the Hobbs and Shaw sequel.

Fingers crossed, there are two opportunities for Cena and Johnson to cross paths in each film's respective universe.

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