John Carpenter hints that a Dead Space film is in the works

An animated film titled Dead Space: Downfall was released in 2008.

There have been persistent rumors for a long time that the 2008 survival horror game Dead Space will be adapted into a film, and that John Carpenter, as the master of the genre, would be the ideal choice to head the production. John Carpenter just clarified, however, that he will not be directing the long-awaited adaptation, which is finally, actually happening.

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Carpenter expressed his desire to adapt the game into a film in an October 2017 interview with A.V. Club, saying:

The only one I can think of, and I’ve mentioned it before, is Dead Space. That would make a real great movie. I could do that... Well, any of them were really good. I even like the last one, the action one that nobody else liked.

Now recently, the 74-year-old director shed some light on the progress of the project which has been in development hell for years. Speaking on Variety, Carpenter said:

No, no, no. I can’t believe how that spread. I’m a big video game fan, so I played all the games. I was down looking at the new digital cameras, the RED, and happened to mention to them that I would love to do a Dead Space film. That just went around, and everybody said, 'Oh, when are you gonna do it?' I’m not gonna do it. I think they already have another director involved. And they haven’t asked me to do it. So until someone asks me, I wouldn’t do it. But there’s a new version of the Dead Space video game coming out in January, and I’m there.

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John Carpenter is generally recognized as one of the greatest masters of the horror genre.

Despite Carpenter's assertion that a film adaptation is in the works, the game's publisher, Electronic Arts, has not released any official statements regarding any film projects.

Carpenter hasn't produced a film since 2010's The Ward, a supernatural psychological horror film. Instead, he's had his hands full on the Halloween sequels as the composer and executive producer of Halloween, Halloween Kills, and Halloween Ends. He did, however, make the suggestion that, under certain circumstances, he might consider making another film.

We might see something, but they are shrouded in total mystery, like Skull Island in King Kong. But, yeah, I’m open to it, given that it’s honestly budgeted and there’s plenty of time to do it — and that people allow for the basketball season and the playoffs.

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The Halloween franchise has grossed over $773 million at the box office worldwide.

Until the film adaptation is officially announced, fans of the popular game can look forward to the Dead Space remake, which recently got a launch trailer. Pre-ordering the Motive Studios remake ahead of its launch on January 27 will come with a digital copy of Dead Space 2.

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