Jim Ross expresses support for Bray Wyatt return to the WWE

Ross believes that bringing Wyatt back will make him "very happy and very fulfilled."

WWE Hall of Famer and current AEW commentator, Jim Ross, recently shared a few words on his Grillin JR podcast about the return of the fan-favorite wrestler, Bray Wyatt.

Jim Ross Support Bray Wyatt Return Wwe
It's been said that Bray Wyatt was too creative for the WWE.

The WWE let go of the former Universal Champion last year and the rumor mill hasn't had a day without Wyatt involved. Most recently, the WWE and Wyatt fed fan speculation about a potential return, which eventually culminated at the Extreme Rules Premium Live Event. Ever since, people just can't stop talking about the creative wrestler, which includes the former WWE Head of Talent Relations.

Here's what Ross shared about Wyatt:

I think he’s a big-time player and I’m glad he’s back. I’m not sure where they’re headed with that deal, nor would I like to know, I like to watch it all unfold when I get a chance. Somebody earlier asked if I watch WWE, I watch it sometimes, but I do because I’m a wrestling fan. I’ve got my brand, AEW is my brand, and that’s what I’m buying my groceries on but I think he’s a hell of a talent.

He’s got that Blackjack Mulligan and Mike Rotunda blood running through his veins, he’s athletic as hell for a 300-pound guy. I’m glad he’s back, I’m glad anybody is back for any company if everybody is on board. In other words, I believe that this is going to make Bray Wyatt very happy and very fulfilled and I think that’s a good thing.

Jim Ross Support Bray Wyatt Return Wwe
It'll be interesting to see if we'll see an evolution of The Fiend now that Wyatt has returned.

Wyatt will reportedly return as an exclusive talent to SmackDown, which effectively halves the potential storylines that the WWE can do with the supernatural presence. Then again, with Roman Reigns in the middle of a brewing conflict with Logan Paul, the WWE could still use Wyatt in other ways. In particular, by not having him pursue titles and using his otherwordly creativity to wreak havoc whenever, wherever.

We're looking at a few squashes here and there to build Wyatt up, possibly against Braun Strowman, who himself recently returned.

Both wrestlers have strong enough followings that they'll survive and, quite possibly, thrive in losses. In addition to this, they have a history of working with each other. The WWE could also bend a few rules and bring Alexa Bliss over to the other side. A former main event star, Bliss has been floundering recently, so it'll be interesting to see what'll happen if the WWE brings the two of them together again.

Jim Ross Support Bray Wyatt Return Wwe
Wyatt has been wrestling in the WWE on-and-off for the better part of the last decade.

Of course, as much as the WWE botched having Wyatt chase championships and glory in the past, it wouldn't hurt to put him in contention for other midcard matches such as a feud with the current intercontinental champion, Gunther.

TLDR; the WWE can do a whole lot with Wyatt.

Unfortunately, limitless possibilities also mean that WWE could also botch its nth attempt with Wyatt. Hopefully, this doesn't happen. Wyatt is the kind of star who can turn the entire wrestling scene on its head with a single appearance.

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