Jensen Ackles actually wanted to play Joel in The Last of Us

The role ultimately went to the Mandalorian and Game of Thrones actor, Pedro Pascal.

Jensen Ackles has missed out on a lot of roles over the years. The Supernatural star had said in the past he almost landed the role of Captain America and was even offered the role of Hawkeye. Ackles also claims to have been close to landing Deadpool before Ryan Reynolds ultimately donned the suit. Now, it appears that Ackles nearly played another soon-to-be-iconic character.

jensen ackles wanted to play joel the last of us
Jensen Ackles' Joel Miller would've been a sight to see.

Ackles appeared at a Supernatural panel at Nashcon 2022 where he got candid about him missing out on the role of Joel Miller in HBO's The Last of Us.

If you needed further proof of its legitimacy, the source is the actual Twitter account of the upcoming TV show.

It would've been interesting seeing Ackles play Joel. He did a mighty fine job of playing the disgruntled old man in The Boys as Soldier Boy, so his take on Joel would've been a sight. But, if it's any consolation, it's not like we won't be seeing Ackles in another potentially fan-favorite role soon. Case in point, Soldier Boy is expected to reappear in future seasons of The Boys. In addition, Ackles reveals that he's currently involved in a gaming project. Ackles didn't mention exactly what it was, but it might be in line with the secret Warner Bros. project that he revealed earlier this year.

Who knows? Amazon and Hideo Kojima might have partnered on an unannounced game and gotten Ackles involved. A man can certainly dream.

jensen ackles wanted to play joel the last of us
Jensen Ackles is a fan-favorite actor who's come close to playing several iconic characters on the small and big screen over the years.

Speaking of The Last of Us, HBO confirmed that the live-action adaptation of the first-party Sony title will premiere on January 15. The PC port of The Last of Us Part 1 will launch just days before the premiere of the first season's penultimate episode.

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