Jensen Ackles is working on a secret Warner Bros project

The Supernatural actor refused to confirm the nature of the Warner Bros. project, but he did say that it is for a DC property.

Most audiences know Jensen Ackles for starring in The CW's Supernatural TV series as Dean Winchester for fifteen amazing seasons. However, the Days of Our Lives actor has since expanded his superhero portfolio. Case in point, Ackles is set to join the cast of Prime Video's The Boys as Soldier Boy for Season 3, reuniting with Supernatural creator Erik Kripke. For his latest project, Ackles just confirmed that he's working on something DC-related for Warner Bros.

Jensen Ackles is the latest actor to voice Batman in Batman: The Long Halloween.
Jensen Ackles is the latest actor to voice Batman in Batman: The Long Halloween.

DC Comics and Ackles have quite a bit of history together. Ackles was a regular in Season 4 of Smallville as one of Lana Lang's love interests, Jason Teague. He later lent his voice to 2010's animated DC Comics film, Batman: Under the Red Hood, as Jason Todd. Most recently, he graduated from playing Robin to Batman himself as he voiced The Dark Knight in the two-part animated adaptation of Batman: The Long Halloween.

Having said that, it would stand to reason that DC and Warner Bros would call him up again for another similar project.

Unfortunately, Ackles refuses to confirm if it's for a movie or film. Speaking to one of his co-stars from Smallville, Michael Rosenbaum, in his Inside of You With Michael Rosenbaum podcast, Ackles says that he's "currently developing" a DC property with Warner Bros along with "some other good partners". Ackles says that he's got his fingers crossed and refused to talk about it until it is officially confirmed.

When you consider his previous DC experience, Ackles could play someone in the Batfamily. After a stint as the voice of Robin and Batman, he could go and do Nightwing. The former wonderboy turned solo hero is long overdue for a live-action adaptation.

Of course, this is all just speculation, and Ackles didn't exactly confirm that the project is in full swing.

With a long list of projects in development, DC fans won't be starved for content. HBO Max is set to welcome Colin Ferrel's Penguin spin-off TV series with other shows based on John Constantine and Madame Xanadu both in development. Meanwhile, on the cinematic side, there's Batgirl, Black Adam, and The Batman. But, if Ackles wants to add another one to the docket, we're not opposed to it either.

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