Jason Momoa and his Minecraft movie has an official release date

The outgoing DCEU star will be the lead star in an upcoming live-action adaptation of the best-selling video game ever.

Jason Momoa's involvement could help speed up the production on the Minecraft film.

Warner Bros. Discovery recently revealed the release dates for its upcoming movies, which include the Jason Momoa-led live-action Minecraft adaptation.

According to the Deadline report, Minecraft will premiere in theaters on April 4, 2025.

Directed by Jared Hess, the upcoming Minecraft film is the latest development in the production of the movie based on the best-selling Mojang Studios game since 2014.

Peter Sollet originally signed on to direct the Minecraft movie but plans have changed since. However, despite getting its release date, fans shouldn't celebrate just yet. Previously, Minecraft was coming out on March 4, 2022.

But, now that Jason Momoa is attached to the film, e could get the ball finally rolling since he's out of the DC Extended Universe after Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom premieres on December 20.

We'll likely find out more about Minecraft as we inch closer to its launch date. As we're still two years away, don't expect to hear more about it anytime soon.

Given the current and still ongoing popularity of live-action adaptations of video games, Minecraft has the potential to do well at the global box office.

Speaking of Momoa, the Game of Thrones actor isn't left wanting more jobs despite leaving the DCEU later this year. Even if he's hinted that he's still part of the James Gunn-led rebooted cinematic universe, he'll have a busy schedule ahead for him regardless.

For starters, Momoa will star as Dante Reyes in Fast X on May 19. In addition, Momoa will reprise his role for the final Fast & Furious film, which premieres sometime next year. Finally, Momoa is confirmed for a buddy cop movie with Dave Bautista that may start shooting next year.

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