Jason Momoa lays down the rules in Slumberland clip

Jason Momoa lists the different rules for surviving the dreaming realm in the upcoming Slumberland on Netflix.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom star Jason Momoa listed down the laws of survival in the upcoming fantasy film Slumberland for Netflix.

Jason Momoa lists the different rules for surviving the dreaming realm in the upcoming Slumberland on Netflix. (Images: Netflix)

The TUDUM virtual fan event had multiple panels for Netflix’s upcoming slate of projects, including updates for Stranger Things, Bridgerton, Lupin, Manifest, Squid Game, Shadow and Bone, and The Witcher. Plus, it also had new details on exclusive films like Enola Holmes 2, Extraction 2, and Slumberland, among many others.

What are the rules of survival in Slumberland? Read on for more.

During the TUDUM global virtual experience hosted by Netflix, Jason Momoa unveiled the presentation for Slumberland.

As Flip, the horned satyr-like companion of Nema (Marlow Barkley), Momoa lists the different laws and rules of Slumberland. Deviation from these laws can apparently be hazardous to one’s survival in the dream realm. These rules include keeping a low profile, staying focused, and that Flip is in charge, meaning Nema should follow him at all times.

The new clip introduces both the character of Nema and the audience to the world of Slumberland. There are even shots of dreams apparently still under construction. Momoa, as Flip, is an outlaw of the dream realm who knew her father, Peter. The two will join together in search of a way to bring back Nema’s father who died during a storm at sea.

Momoa's Flip in Slumberland sets rules for Nema (Marlow Barkley) to survive the dream realms.

Slumberland has similarities to another recent Netflix fantasy project: the adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman from DC Comics. However, the tone and settings seem like antithetical to one another. While The Sandman has a more mature atmosphere and horror themes, the presentation in Slumberland is more whimsical, with a child-like innocence. But this fits with the source material.

Slumberland is a new adaptation of the comic strip titled Little Nemo in Slumberland. This was a spinoff of the Dream of the Rarebit Fiend by American cartoonist Winsor McCay. The comic strip ran in the New York Herald from 1905 to 1911 before moving to the New York American until 1914, and then back to the Herald until it ended in 1927.

Although it has similarities to The Sandman, Slumberland has a more whimsical, fairy tale-like tone.

The strip revolved around the adventures of a boy named Nemo and his experiences in the eponymous Slumberland. The strip became very popular and was adapted in theatre musicals and films, including a live action 1984 movie and a Japanese anime in 1989.

However, the Netflix film is certainly taking some new directions for Slumberland. For one, the main character will now be Nema, switching the perspective from a boy’s adventure to a girl’s quest to bring back her father. Also, the character of Flip was originally a clown in a green-faced clown with a rotund body. This is a far cry from Jason Momoa’s imposing, beastly version of the character.

Slumberland is directed by Francis Lawrence (Constantine, The Hunger Games). This will be the second collaboration between Jason Momoa and director Francis Lawrence. The two first worked on the Apple TV+ series "See". The fantasy movie stars Jason Momoa, Marlow Barkley, Kyle Chandler, Chris O’Dowd, Indea de Beafort,  Humberly Gonzalez, Tonya Cornelisse, Weruche Opia, Ava Cheung, Segio Osuna, Michal Blake, Jamillah Ross, Leslie Adlam, Luxton Handspiker, Cameron Nicoll, Owais Sheikh, and Katerina Taxia.

Slumberland arrives on Netflix on November 18, 2022.

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