Did Jason Momoa just make his official debut as Batman?

Technically, Jason Momoa just played as Batman but we don't think anyone will be counting it as an official appearance anytime soon.

Jason Momoa is best known for playing two roles: Aquaman and Khal Drogo. He just added a third one in Dante Reyes, the main villain of Fast X and the next Fast and Furious film, which may or may not be the last. And, while most are wishing to see Momoa as The Main Man, Lobo, in the DC Universe, Momoa decided to give fans a taste of an unwanted fantasy as he recently played the role of the Caped Crusader.

Jason Momoa appears to be having a blast playing Dante Reyes in the Fast and Furious franchise.

In a video shared on Instagram, Momoa went and dressed up as Batman as part of an advertisement for a renowned tourist spot in Abu Dhabi, Yas Island.

For what's effectively a skit, Momoa did a fine job playing Bruce Wayne. But, unless we can find a way to turn back the clock and make Momoa at least a decade or so younger, it's highly unlikely that James Gunn will see this as his audition for the same role in the DC.

At 45 years old, Momoa is out of the age bracket even if the upcoming film, The Brave and the Bold, will introduce a more mature version of the Dark Knight.

For all its faults, the DC Extended Universe's Justice League were well casted, especially Jason Momoa as Aquaman.

Unfortunately, while Batman is still a huge part of the revamped cinematic plans of DC Studios, fans shouldn't expect to see new films featuring the World's Greatest Detective anytime soon outside of The Flash. Robert Pattinson, who will continue as Batman in an alternate reality as part of the Elseworlds titles, won't return to the big screen for at least a couple of years.

But, hey, at least The Flash has both Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck in it. As if that wasn't enough, Nicolas Cage swooped in to play Superman for a quick cameo in The Flash as well.

Fans can watch Momoa as Aquaman for possibly the last time later this year when Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom comes out in theaters on December 20.

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