Jared Leto set to star in Tron 3

The working title of the threequel is Tron: Ares and it's expected to premiere sometime in 2025.

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Jared Leto has pushed for the revival of the Tron franchise for the past few years, and current reports indicate that his efforts have been successful. In the upcoming threequel, the 51-year-old actor will play a new character dubbed Ares. We can infer that Leto will play the lead in the film, which is slated to start filming in Vancouver in August this year, based on the working title of Tron: Ares.

Joachim Ronning is reportedly in talks with Disney to replace Garth Davis as the film's director, according to Deadline. Joachim will be welcomed by Disney because of their previous collaborations with him on Maleficent: Mistress of Evil and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, even if the studio had intended for Joseph Kosinski to helm the director's seat once more.

The film's executive producers will be Sean Bailey and Sam Dickerman, while Jesse Wigutow will write the script. Disney might have to look for another composer to take Daft Punk's place, though. In 2021, the French electronic music duo that composed the musical score for Tron: Legacy disbanded.

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Tron: Legacy was nominated for an Oscar for Best Sound Editing.

In an interview with Vulture last year, Joseph Kosinski stated that he had lobbied for a Tron: Legacy sequel back in 2015, saying:

I got so close. I really tried. I got close in 2015, and Disney pulled the plug on it. I hadn’t built anything, but I had the whole movie storyboarded and written. I was really excited because it was inverting the idea: It was all that stuff coming into our world, and it was about the blending of the two. But it was a different Disney by 2015. When I made Tron: Legacy, they didn’t own Marvel; they didn’t own Star Wars. We were the play for fantasy and science fiction. And once you’ve got those other things under your umbrella, it makes sense that you’re going to put your money into a known property and not the weird art student with black fingernails in the corner — that was Tron. And that’s okay. Had I made Tron: Ascension, I wouldn’t have made Only the Brave, and I wouldn’t have made the movies I made. But remember, the first Tron was not a hit when it came out. It’s a cult classic. And if Tron: Legacy’s becoming the same thing, I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Given how much money Disney is investing in the Tron franchise, it is clear that they are aware of its potential. The TRON Lightcycle/Run, the newest rollercoaster at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, will open on April 4 of this year. It is modeled after the original TRON Lightcycle Power Run at Disneyland Shanghai.

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Tron fans will be looking forward to more disc wars and light cycle battles.

The 1982 original Tron film was followed up 28 years later with the theatrical release of Tron: Legacy, which earned $400 million worldwide against a $170 million production budget. Over time, Tron: Legacy has become a cult classic, just like its predecessor.

Jared Leto most recently starred in Morbius, which was critically panned upon release.

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