James Gunn wants to break the threequel curse with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

According to the long-time Guardians of the Galaxy director, there just aren't that many good third films in trilogies.

With all the things that are happening over at DC Studios, it's easy to forget James Gunn is still on track to release one more movie for Marvel Studios. The current co-CEO at DC wants to break the threequel curse in his swansong movie in the MCU.

guardians of the galaxy volume cover
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will center around one of James Gunn's favorite character.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 is currently in post-production and James Gunn is worried that the third movie will suffer from the threequel curse. The director recently shared some of his feelings about the third movie in a lengthy interview with Entertainment Weekly.

"The amount of good third episodes in a trilogy, I can count them on one hand," Gunn said. "Basically, there's the Before Sunrise series. Lord of the Rings. Maybe Spider-Man. But there's just not too many good third ones."

With this in mind, Gunn had a hard time drafting the idea for the final Guardians of the Galaxy movie. The director admitted that the process took him a while as compared to the recent Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special. He described writing the script for the third movie as "torture."

guardians of the galaxy volume art
Fans will get to know more about Rocket in the final Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

"This is the big one," Gunn states. "This is where things really happen. This is where we get to know the truth about who these characters are, and we face the biggest stakes."

It was a turbulent ride for the director as he was briefly fired from Marvel after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 after controversial tweets from years ago resurfaced. Marvel did rehire him to do the third movie sometime later.

A trilogy was always on Gunn’s mind as he felt that the story was "one thousand percent" unfinished after Vol. 2. The director wanted to explore the story of Rocket as he felt that he owed it to the character.

"One of the reasons why I came back to [make] this movie was because I felt like I needed to tell Rocket's story," Gunn shared. "I would've been very sad not to complete the trilogy for many reasons, but I just feel very connected to Rocket. I feel like nobody would be able to tell his full story if it wasn't me."

It will be the first time that Rocket takes the spotlight in Guardians of the Galaxy. The first and second films were more about Peter Quill / Star-Lord and his origins story. It was not explained how Rocket came into being and why he is so grumpy all the time.

"To me, Rocket has always been the secret protagonist of the Guardians movies," Gunn explains. "From the beginning, it has been rooted in who he is as a character. I think he exemplifies a lot of the traits of all the Guardians. They've had all these traumas, and it brings them together. I just think that he is more extreme than others."

guardians of the galaxy volume art
This may be the final time that the original cast are together in a movie.

The director shares that fans will learn more about Rocket in Vol. 3. According to Gunn, "we learn a lot about his past — where he came from, who he is, and what he's been through. It's been a difficult road for the little animal."

With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Gunn ends his tenure at Marvel Studios. The director-turned-CEO will now be plotting the course for the DC Universe. It will also be the final film of the original Guardians of the Galaxy members. We'll find out more what Gunn has in store for the OG GotG squad members on May 5.

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