James Gunn teases unannounced DC TV series

DC Studios CEO James Gunn took to Twitter to sum up his busy day working on both the MCU and DCU, as well as a new yet unannounced DC TV show.

The DC Universe will receive a yet unnamed expansion written by filmmaker and the co-head of DC Studios himself, James Gunn. Apart from overseeing DC Studios and finishing off Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3, this is Gunn’s newest venture on top of a long list of DC productions with his fingertips all over it.

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2023 is shaping up to be a big year for James Gunn and DC Studios

The 56-year-old Gunn decided to keep fans up to date with a Twitter post where he claims he’s already written a third of the unannounced show and already had two meetings with DC Studios executives to carve up a strategy moving forward.

With the lack of additional information, it's uncertain if Gunn was referencing the second Suicide Squad spinoff he was teasing throughout last year or something else entirely. Is it one of the rumored spin-offs that he's said to be working on alongside the second season of HBO Max’s Peacemaker series? What about a new Superman movie? The possibilities are endless.

After being put in charge of DC Studios alongside Peter Safran ‌last November, the pair has been tasked with spearheading the studio’s direction for the next four years.

With responsibilities to creatively and financially oversee the production of all the upcoming movies and shows inspired by DC comics, their tenure could mark the start of the studio's most successful run in terms of adaptations. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait for a while to see what Gunn is cooking up.

DC’s TV slate is currently in flux with no clear creative trajectory in place. The once-robust Arrowverse is now a shell of its former self and The Flash is emitting its final season next month. That would leave only Superman & Lois and Gotham Knights, Batman-less Batman series that is yet to premiere, as the only two TV shows DC can offer. Things are a lot more stable at HBO Max with Doom Patrol and Titans midway through their fourth seasons and Peacemaker being renewed for season 2 a while back.

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Will Ezra Miller's recent antics affect his spot in the DCU?

Despite this, Gunn has already publicly stated the DCU roadmap he and Safran envisioned should result in 10 years worth of content and that they’ll be unveiling it by the end of the month. But Gunn didn’t hold back on sharing some insight by replying to fan comments. He debunked claims that the first three years of his decade-long plan won’t feature the iconic DC superhero Wonder Woman. But, when asked if the current Flash actor Ezra Miller would continue to portray the character moving forward, Gunn replied he wasn’t familiar with Miller’s plans for the future.

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