Is James Gunn teasing All Star Superman?

DC Studios Co-CEO and filmmaker James Gunn posted a cryptic photo showing him having breakfast while reading All Star Superman.

On his social media accounts, director James Gunn posted a photo of his breakfast while reading All Star Superman, leading to fan speculation that the reboot will be based on it.

James Gunn DC Studios All Star Superman FEATURED
DC Studios Co-CEO and filmmaker James Gunn posted a cryptic photo showing him having breakfast while reading All Star Superman. (Images: DC Studios/Warner Bros. Discovery)

It seems Gunn, DC Studios Co-CEO, can’t just post a photo on social media without it becoming a point of discussion as to the future of the DC Universe. After some controversial decisions, including letting go of Henry Cavill in the role of the Man of Steel, any photo or comment that Gunn makes will lead to rumors in the DC fandom.

The photo James Gunn posted on his official social media accounts was simple enough. Gunn himself does not appear in the photo, but what it does show is his cup of coffee and, more importantly, the All Star Superman Omnibus.

Gunn also included the caption:

The secret to happiness is starting the morning with coffee and comic books.

Among fans, All Star Superman is one of the most definitive depictions of the character. It tells the story of a veteran Superman in what might be his last series of adventures. In another scheme concocted by his arch-nemesis Lex Luthor, Superman becomes too saturated with solar energy too quickly by skimming the surface of the sun in order to rescue scientists. While the effect boosts Superman’s already formidable powers more than threefold, his cells are slowly dying from apoptasis.

James Gunn DC Studios All Star Superman DEATH
While the bulk of the story in All Star Superman was about the older and experienced version, one chapter did highlight a younger Clark Kent being unable to save his father, Jonathan Kent.

Written by Grant Morrison with art by Frank Quitely, All Star Superman was a critical and commercial success for DC Comics. Many consider All Star Superman to be one of the best stories of the first superhero. It showed the classic overpowered Superman can be depicted with a compelling plot and character examination. And it also set up the future of the character’s legacy, with his descendants and successors playing key roles in the build-up to the comic book’s conclusion.

All Star Superman received multiple awards in the comic book industry. These included the Eisner Awards for "Best New Series" in 2006, "Best Continuing Series" in 2007 and 2009, and the Harvey Awards for "Best Artist" and "Best Single Issue" in 2008. All Star Superman would also be adapted as an animated movie in 2011.

Perhaps the biggest approval comes from the source himself. On Twitter, All Star Superman writer Grant Morrison retweeted James Gunn’s photo. Morrison called it a "Breakfast of Champions!"

While this could just be Gunn enjoying a quiet breakfast while reading a great graphic novel, it could also be a hint as to the direction the live action Superman reboot will be taking. Gunn is known as one of the filmmakers that hint at their future works with seemingly innocent posts on social media. Just recently, it was confirmed Elseworlds will be part of the new DC Universe after James Gunn shared images from the famous Kingdom Come storyline.

It would be odd, however, as the All Star Superman version was an older and more experienced hero. The rest of the mythos are also established to exist such as his villains Bizarro and the Parasite, as well as his allies Batman and the Justice League.

Given that one of the highlighted reasons that Henry Cavill was dropped from continuing his Superman role is because the new DC Universe will introduce a younger Clark Kent, All Star Superman does not seem like a good fit.

With that said, there is one chapter in the All Star Superman story that focuses on a younger Clark Kent who is already Superman but prior to moving to Metropolis. The subplot has this inexperienced Superman dealing with a creature that eats time. But while Superman manages to defeat the creature, it eats enough time to prevent Clark from saving his father, Jonathan Kent.

Could this chapter from All Star Superman be adapted in the new live action film? In any case, James Gunn and DC Studios Co-CEO Peter Safran are expected to present their official plans and roadmap for the DC Universe before the end of January.

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