James Gunn is not involved in cancellation of Doom Patrol and Titans

According to James Gunn, the decision to end Titans and Doom Patrol "precedes" the formation of the new DC Studios and DC Universe.

It appears the cancellation of Titans and Doom Patrol might have been premeditated.

james gunn cancellation doom patrol titans
James Gunn's reign as the co-CEO of DC Studios isn't off to the best start.

HBO Max recently dropped Titans and Doom Patrol at a crucial time. Both TV shows are on a mid-season break following the premiere of their fourth seasons late last year. The latest seasons are expected to end sometime later this year, but fans were disappointed to find out that they're already staring at each respective series' conclusion and not a season finale.

Obviously, fans directed their comments to James Gunn, who's been canceling projects left and right ever since stepping up as the co-CEO of DC Studios alongside Peter Safran.

Adam Gorman, in particular, told Gunn about the "mighty big hill" he'll need to climb after the cancelation of the fan-favorite shows. But, as it turns out, Gunn wasn't involved in the cancelation - for all intents and purposes, he wasn't even part of the equation yet.

It's questionable why these cancelation announcements emerged just as Gunn took office. Either Warner Bros. Discovery is trying to sabotage the new DC Studios management or they just have bad timing.

If it's any consolation, Gunn hasn't canceled everything.

The soon-to-be-former MCU director confirmed that some Elseworlds-style movies will still happen under the DC Universe, while the BatVerse will push through. Ezra Miller is believed to return as The Flash and so will Jason Momoa as Aquaman. However, it's possible Momoa might play a different character in the DCU.

While it's sad that Doom Patrol and Titans are ending later this year, we'll at least find out what Gunn has in store for the DCU later this month.

james gunn cancellation doom patrol titans
The Doom Patrol is a fan-favorite that could've had a place in the new DCU.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods (March 17), The Flash (June 16), Blue Beetle (August 18), and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (December 25) are the remnants of the now-defunct DC Extended Universe.

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