Jake Paul wants to take on The Usos in a wrestling match

Jake's older brother, Logan Paul, is currently recovering from injuries suffered following his fight against Roman Reigns at the Crown Jewel.

It looks like Logan Paul isn't done with Roman Reigns following the Crown Jewel. This time, it's not just the elder Paul who has beef with The Tribal Chief. Apparently, Jake Paul wants in on the action too and, together, they're gunning for The Bloodline.

Jake Paul Wants The Usos Wrestling Match
You can criticize the Pauls all you want but these two were born to sell promos.

The younger Paul recently revealed at the Floyd Mayweather vs. Deji boxing match what the WWE is presumed to have planned for the two Pauls, saying:

We're gonna have a tag team match. We're gonna show up, and me and my brother are coming back for The Usos, OK, I promise you that. Because what I felt in my heart when we lost to them, it wasn't a vibe. So I wanna come back and avenge that loss for my brother.

Jake joined Logan ringside in Riyadh and even got into a scuffle with Solo Sikoa after The Bloodline interfered with the main event.

Paul has proven for the third time in a row that he can headline an event and perform like a veteran. His showing against Reigns was nothing short of spectacular, and, if Jake shows the same aptitude, then why exactly wouldn't the WWE build up to a Pauls vs Usos match? Jake is arguably just as big if not bigger than his older brother outside of the WWE. Seeing the two team up with each other at the next Saudi show, which is expected to be in May after WrestleMania 39.

Jake Paul Wants The Usos Wrestling Match
Jake Paul was fresh off a win against Anderson Silva before he joined his brother, Logan Paul, ringside at the Crown Jewel.

Logan is currently watching the action of the WWE unfold from the sidelines due to injuries he sustained in his match against Reigns. When he returns, it's highly likely that he won't be alone. The only question now is, when is the WWE going to start building hype for The Usos vs the Pauls?

Speaking of Reigns, Triple H apparently already has an idea of who will knock the Head of the Table off his perch. According to speculation, Cody Rhodes is the lead candidate.

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