Jack Black wants Pedro Pascal to voice Wario in Mario sequel

Black, who voices Bowser in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, doesn't think his character will return for the sequel.

Black thinks Wario should be the next villian for The Super Mario Bros Movie.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is shattering box office records thanks to its massive opening weekend. The Chris Pratt-led film grossed $377 million on its first weekend which is the biggest worldwide opening weekend for an animated film and it's on track to make a whole lot more coins when it's all said and done.

With the success of the movie, the cast is already looking forward to sequels and spin-offs. Pratt along with fellow voice actors Jack Black and Seth Rogen have expressed interest in doing follow-ups and exploring the possibility of a cinematic universe based on the Super Mario video game franchise.

Black, in particular, is unsure if his character returns in the sequel. The actor, who plays the main villain Bowser in the first movie, thinks that a new antagonist should be featured in the next movie and he already has a villain and a voice actor in mind.

In a recent interview with Gamespot for The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Black shares his thoughts on who he thinks should be the villain for the sequel. The actor said that he wants The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal to voice Mario’s arch-rival Wario in the next movie.

Wario is the arch-rival of Super Mario in the video game series.

"It’s not a given that Bowser will return," Black said. "You know, I did a few Kung Fu Panda movies, and it was a different villain every movie. They may do the same thing."

He adds, "You know, what if there is a more powerful, more evil villain? Then I may need to be turned to help Mario and the rest to defend our universe against some other unseen force of evil. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Wario. Pedro Pascal is Wario."

Pascal has been on quite a roll in recent months. The actor starred in the live-action adaptation of The Last of Us which has been a huge hit. Pascal also returned for a third season of The Mandalorian on Disney+. The actor may be reprising his role as Din Djarin aka The Mandalorian in an upcoming full-length Star Wars movie.

Black appeared alongside Pascal in season 3 of The Mandalorian. The actor had a short cameo in Episode 6, playing the role of Captain Bombardier.

Wario has been a mainstay of the video game series since he was introduced.

Fans will have to wait and see if The Super Mario Bros. Movie will be getting a sequel. However, the success of the movie along with the post-credits scene strongly suggests that we will be getting more of Super Mario and the gang.   

It will certainly be interesting to see Pascal take on such an enigmatic character. We hope Illumination considers Black’s suggestion.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is currently showing in theaters worldwide.

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