It Takes Two Director announces Hazelight Studios' next game

Hazelight Studios founder teases the studio’s next game with the release of a picture on Twitter.

Josef Fares, Hazelight Studios founder and It Takes Two game director, recently gave fans a "sneak peek" into the next game the studio is currently developing.

It Takes Two director gives sneak peek into his next game.

The teaser was a picture of Fares alongside two actors in motion capture suits while they're taking a break from working on the game. While the photo tells us next to nothing about the game – gameplay, plot, etc. – it strongly hits at the fact that it will be a cooperative title, which is in line with the type of games Hazelight Studios create.

Given that Fares has previously directed two highly successful co-op plays, It Takes Two and A Way Out, which both fans and critics liked, there is a high chance that the upcoming game will be successful. At least, Fares and Hazelight Studios will be hoping that this is the case.

Fares posted a sneak peek of himself and two actors in motion capture gear on his Twitter account.

Outside of this particular post, Fares has commented the new game will "take everything to the next level." While this may seem to imply that it will build upon concepts from previous games, no one is certain whether or not it will be a standalone game or a continuation of previous ones.

Nevertheless, the sneak peek gives fans of It Takes Two and A Way Out something to look forward to. A Way Out explored two male protagonists and their attempt to break out of prison. It Takes Two, on the other hand, delves into the relationship dynamics of a man and woman looking to get a divorce and the impact on their daughter.

Given that the game is in its early stages, we expect it will be a few years before it is ready for release. If nothing else crops up, the game will follow It Takes Two, which Hazelight Studios released last year. It Takes Two won Game of the Year 2021 at The Game Awards. It beat PlayStation exclusives Deathloop and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, as well as Resident Evil: Village to the highly coveted award, which goes to show how highly it was rated.

The two motion capture actors in Fares picture were women. This has led some fans to suggest that the upcoming game’s major characters are women. If this speculation is true, it would be a major departure from Fares previous games.

In other news, It Takes Two is set to become a new Amazon movie. Xfire can report that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has signed on as an executive producer and could also star alongside Pat Casey, Josh Miller, Josef Fares, and Oskar Wolontis.

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