Is There an Xbox and Nintendo Partnership Brewing?

Normally, seeing a Nintendo Switch on someone's shelves doesn't mean anything - millions of people have them. However, when someone as prominent as the Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, uploads a photo of himself with Nintendo's portable console clearly visible in the background, the internet can't help but speculate.

Xbox And Nintendo Partnership
Xbox Head Phil Spencer is at it again, making fans speculate that both Xbox and Nintendo are planning on collaborating together.

In particular, fans are starting to wonder if the photo means that an Xbox and Nintendo partnership is currently in the works.

Are Nintendo and Xbox Partnering for Something Big?

Even if it's someone of Phil Spencer's position, seeing a competitor's console in the background shouldn't really cause that much of an uproar. After all, what's wrong with checking out the competition everyone once and a while? But, because this isn't the first time that Spencer has done something similar, eagle-eyed fans have been quick to hypothesize that an Xbox and Nintendo partnership is currently in the works.

Previously, Spencer had shown off a very nondescript-looking Xbox Series S before Xbox officially announced their budget-oriented next-gen console.

So, you can't exactly blame fans for thinking that Spencer posting a photo with the Nintendo Switch in the background surrounded by other Xbox-related paraphernalia, means something. Not especially when XboxEra co-founder, Shpshal Ed, went as far as to say "the cat seems to be out of the bag". He also went on to confirm that fans should expect an official announcement later this fall.

With that said, an Xbox and Microsoft partnership isn't exactly that surprising.

The two have worked together in the past. For example, Minecraft's Steve and Halo's Master Chief are both a part of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's roster of characters. Meanwhile, Microsoft's self-published titles like Ori and the Blind Forest are available on the Nintendo Switch.

Unfortunately, the extent of the collaboration, if it is indeed true, remains a mystery at the moment.

Some believe that Microsoft is working to make xCloud available on the Nintendo Switch, which would make a lot of sense. Microsoft has already brought xCloud to Android phones. They are also reportedly working on making the service available on iOS devices. Adding the Nintendo Switch into the mix could definitely help boost Xbox Game Pass subscription numbers even more.

On the other hand, some believe that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate could welcome yet another third-party title from an Xbox Game Studios title.

As of the moment, we have no way to confirm which is which. All we can do for now is wait.

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