Is Master Chief Coming to Smash Ultimate? Fans Seem to Think So

For many years, fans have asked for Nintendo to bring Master Chief to Super Smash Bros. However, most of those pleas have seemingly fallen on deaf ears. Until now.

Master Chief coming to Super Smash Bros. would be just as big if not bigger than Sephiroth's arrival.

Thanks to a couple of teases from Microsoft, fans are speculating that Master Chief is one of the last two DLC characters set to arrive in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate sooner rather than later.

Is Master Chief Coming to Smash Ultimate?

Added in December 2020, Sephiroth is arguably the biggest DLC fighter reveal for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Over the past couple of months, fans and players of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate have eagerly been waiting for Nintendo to drop the news on the last two DLC fighters for the game. Some even believe that there could be more than two headed to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

However, while there is plenty of speculation as to who and when the next DLC fighters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will arrive, one of the more prominent rumors revolves around one of the most popular figures in all of gaming.

With more than 80 playable fighters, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate isn't short of iconic characters. Over the years, Nintendo has given us the chance to brawl as the likes of Samu's nemesis, Ridley, and Minecraft's Steve, as well as Sephiroth from the Final Fantasy 7 universe. But, you could argue that only a handful of its characters are as recognizable as Master Chief from Halo.

As mentioned earlier, fans have wished for Master Chief's arrival to a Super Smash Bros. game for years and it certainly seems like Nintendo has heard their prayers.

While it's not confirmed just yet, fans are speculating that a partnership between Microsoft and Nintendo is in the works. This comes after fans spotted Xbox executive Phil Spencer featuring a Nintendo Switch prominently in the background of some of his most recent videos. Multiple credible sources around the video game industry have also since confirmed that Phil Spencer's videos aren't for nothing.

Perhaps one of the biggest teases though comes from the official Halo Instagram account itself, which recently uploaded a Mario and Halo crossover fan art photo on their account.

Of course, this could all just be nothing. Nintendo or Microsoft could just be messing with its fans. However, it's not exactly unlike Xbox's Phil Spencer to tease fans by using the background of his videos. But, even though Microsoft and Nintendo are currently working out the details of a partnership, it could mean just about anything. It might not even be related to the Halo franchise at all. Who knows? Maybe it just means that Xbox Game Pass is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

With that said, we expect to hear more about this Nintendo and Microsoft partnership soon.

Both Microsoft and Nintendo are confirmed as participants of the upcoming all-digital E3 2021 in June. Both companies have usually used E3 to drop big news. In particular, Nintendo has revealed a new fighter for Super Smash Bros. at E3. Most recently, Nintendo revealed Banjo and Kazooie at E3 2019. There were even rumors that they planned to reveal Minecraft's Steve at E3 2020 before it was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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