Is Final Fantasy 16 getting a Day One patch?

Final Fantasy 16, so polished it needs no Day One patch, showcases Square Enix's commitment to quality in its upcoming release.

Fans waiting for Final Fantasy 16 to come out on June 22 are in for a big surprise.

Final Fantasy 16 is going to feel very different from previous installments in the series.

According to Square Enix, FF16 is so polished that the game won't have a Day One patch (as per Game Informer), which is rare.

Historically, today's games get a Day One patch to resolve minor glitches and bugs. This software update optimizes the game's performance and it's an opportunity for last-minute additions. It doesn't necessarily mean developers intentionally launch a game in a broken state. But, Square Enix's current stand of not planning a Day One patch for FFXVI signifies their confidence in the game's quality and stability.

We'll find out soon enough if Square Enix can put its money where its mouth is.

Final Fantasy 16 is the subject of an unbelievable amount of hype and anticipation from fans and critics alike. The series, which is celebrated for its captivating narratives, intricate gameplay, and dazzling graphics, has been a major influence in the RPG genre.

Thus, fans have been looking forward to playing this new installment despite all the changes it's making from the standard formula.

Square Enix's confidence attests to the polish and detail Square Enix has put into FF16. This implies gamers can expect the smoothest and most immersive experience when they begin their journey in the game.

This is the type of claim that a company can only make after subjecting the game to rigorous quality control and testing processes, which could explain the game's lengthy development time.

More importantly, it sends a positive message to gamers. After seeing The Last of Us Part 1, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and Redfall all launch with issues this year, Final Fantasy 16 will be the first and perhaps only AAA title that will make this kind of promise.

It's a welcome change that gamers will likely appreciate in light of what's gone on in recent months.

If FF16 launches without its fair share of issues, then it will likely prove developing a game for a single platform gives developers a huge advantage.

Of course, this approach doesn't completely rule out the possibility of minor tweaks and updates in the future. Merely, it suggests that such changes won't be critical or urgent. Also, FF16 is going to have a free demo sometime next month and Square Enix will likely use it as an opportunity to gather feedback so that the game doesn't need a massive Day One patch on June 22.

Now, is this enough to thrust FF16 into the Game of the Year conversation? Probably. But, we don't think any game will be beating The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom this year.

This isn't a knock on FF16. Rather, it just proves that gamers have eaten well lately and things can only get better from here.

Make sure to keep your eyes out on what critics are saying days ahead of the release of FF16 on the week of June 22.

Ray Ampoloquio
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