An iPhone 13 Pro survived being at the bottom of a river for 26 hours

While this isn't the first time that we've heard of an iPhone survive extreme conditions, it's still nice hearing about it, especially with the iPhone 13.

Every time Apple drops a new iPhone, people can't wait to then drop their new phones into everything and anything. We've seen people make a living out of testing the limits of Apple's mobile devices. Of course, not every test is instructive and realistic.

It appears that the iPhone 13 is far more robust than advertised.

After all, who would subject their iPhone to the receiving end of a raging flamethrower? What about dropping a massive object on top of it? Or maybe putting it inside a blender or washing machine to see if it would survive?

With that said, you can't deny that Apple has put a lot of effort towards making today's iPhones much more capable of withstanding unforgiving conditions.

Case in point, an iPhone 13 Pro survived being underwater for 26 hours.

iPhone 13 Pro survives 26-hour deep river ordeal

The iPhone 13 lineup is Apple's latest iPhone, which was formally announced back in September.

According to a certain thomasqbrady, his iPhone 13 Pro is "better than it needs to be" after it survived following out of his pocket and being deep in a river for 26 hours before a scuba river found it. The best part isn't that the phone made it through this - it's that it worked as if nothing happened soon afterwards.

Now, the iPhone 13 Pro is no slouch when it comes to resistance. Both the Pro and Pro Max models are splash, water, and dust resistant. They also hold an IP68 rating under IEC standard 60529, which means that the phones can survive in waters up to 6 meters deep for as long as 30 minutes.

Even so, the river is far from ideal testing conditions. There are rocks, debris, and all sorts of other stuff that could bump into the phone there, or that the phone could bump into. Sure, the phone was found at a depth of about 4 feet, which isn't that deep at all. However, Apple claims to have tested the phone to last as long as 30 minutes. This is a far cry less that the 26 hours that the owner claims that the phone lasted underwater.

Surprisingly enough, Apple's production on the iPhone 13 hasn't been affected by the microchip shortage.

According to the owner, the iPhone 13 Pro was left on the entire time. It still had a 20% charge when he got it back, and it had no visible scratches. He added that the only defect he could discover were the speakers, which weren't working immediately, but functioned fine after a couple of hours. The rest of the iPhone's functions were working as they should immediately though. He even brought the phone to T-Mobile to get the E-SIM re-activated, saying that the phone's water damage sticker didn't show any signs of water damage at all.

This isn't the first time that we've heard of an iPhone outlasting the elements and it won't be the last time either. Ultimately, this just proves how tough and durable the iPhone 13 is.

Unfortunately, this new vote of confidence isn't going to help you get a new iPhone. If anything, it will make it even more difficult. After its reveal back in September, Apple has hit a snag in the production of the iPhone 13. If you were able to pre-order and get yours early, good for you. If you're still attempting to purchase one today though, then tough luck, as you might have to wait until November if not later.

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