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Amazon's Invincible Season 2 is coming out next year

Invincible has been confirmed for two more seasons, the first of which will be out anytime between now and the next 12 months.

invincible season coming out next year
With the Invincible comics already finished, the animated show has plenty of source material that it can use as inspiration.

All eyes might be on The Boys, but Amazon isn't a one-trick pony. On top of the spin-offs it's greenlit that are set in the same universe as well as the series' upcoming fourth season, Prime Video is also sitting on an equally compelling albeit animated offering, Invincible. In comparison to The Boys, which has already established a legitimate universe, Invincible still hasn't gotten a follow-up season even though Amazon has already approved two more due to the success of the first one. If it's any consolation, we just got an update about when the second season of Invincible is coming out.

According to the Head of Television at Amazon, Vernon Sanders, (via Collider), Season 2 of Invincible is coming out next year, saying "2023 is going to be a great year for people" as outright confirming the release window for the follow-up season of the animated show after much prodding.

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The silver lining with the long delay between Seasons 1 and 2 of Invincible is that we could be in for a much better spectacle. Despite the show's critical acclaim, critics and audiences criticized the inconsistent animation quality of Season 1. Season 2 will have spent the better part of two years being in development if it comes out anytime in the second half of next year. If nothing else, this implies that the series' animation will finally match up with the show's writing and voice acting.

Fingers crossed, Invincible will be back sooner rather than later. We're hoping we'll get to hear more about Skybound Entertainment's Invincible video game by then as well.

invincible season coming out next year
The Invincible could go on for even more seasons after Seasons 2 and 3 come out.

In the meantime, audiences can look forward to watching the live-action adaptation of Irredeemable sometime in the future. Also, The Boys' spin-off, Gen V, just got its first trailer.

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