The internet is having a field day at the expense of Deadrop

Dr. Disrespect is one of the founders of Midnight Society, the studio behind the upcoming NFT-based FPS title.

Dr. Disrespect made a name for himself playing battle royale games and FPS titles. After the popular streamer got banned on Twitch, he decided to make his own game.

We're not particularly impressed with Deadrop, but we do see its potential.

Dr. Disrespect later founded a AAA game studio composed of developers that had experience working on Call of Duty and Halo. To hype the project, Guy Beahm, the real name of Dr. Disrespect, claimed that Midnight Society's upcoming NFT-based FPS title will use Unreal Engine 5 and that it will look better compared to Call of Duty.

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A little over half a year after Dr. Disrespect went public with Midnight Society, we finally have our first glimpse at the studio's first game, Deadrop. Unfortunately, the first reactions aren't kind.

If you're curious about Deadrop, try it out yourself. Don't rely on what you just read on the internet.

The initial footage is anything but a game that "blows anything from the COD engine." It didn't take long for the internet to make fun of Deadrop. Honestly speaking, Dr. Disrespect must have expected the backlash. The popular streamer was most likely looking forward to the negative feedback.

After all, any kind of publicity, whether good or bad, will generate exposure for the brand. In this case, Dr. Disrespect can easily flip the script on naysayers to prove that he's changing the process of making video games.

Earlier this year, Midnight Society became a topic of controversy for "charging" playtesters. At the time, Midnight Society promised to release a new build of the game every six weeks and grant exclusive access to those who bought a Founders Access Pass. So far, the studio is delivering on its promise as the current Deadrop footage is from a very early build. This also explains why there's nothing else to see and the graphics aren't particularly impressive.

If nothing else, we can expect Deadrop to look better. The only question now is, "how good will Deadrop look once it comes out?"

Deadrop could pave the way for other NFT games with AAA budgets.

We'll know more about Deadrop the more time it spends in development. In the meantime, audiences are at the mercy of Founders Access Pass holders who will keep everyone in the loop every six weeks.

Also, if you're interested in playing Deadrop, you'll want to prepare your PC. According to Midnight Society, the minimum PC requirements for Deadrop include 32GB of RAM and an Nvidia GTX 1080 as well as a seventh generation core i7 processor. This either speaks to the studio's ambition for Deadrop to become one of the best-looking games on the PC or to how unoptimized it is that it struggles to run on lesser builds.

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