Internal delays reportedly holding up Battlefield 2042

Insiders report various internal delays at DICE are holding up the Battlefield 2042 beta, but allegedly aren't affecting final release.

Delays in the release of major AAA games these days are common to the point of being expected. Now, it appears that Battlefield 2042, one of the major shooters scheduled for this fall is no exception - even though the 'internal delays' are only affecting the testing phase, with the game's launch date apparently unaffected.

EA wants to keep everything about Battlefield 2042 under lock and key.

Well known industry insider and leaker Tom Henderson is best known for his scoops on the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises, but has recently cast a wider net and dabbled in Halo and GTA leaks as well. This time, his tried and trusted contacts - Henderson has a near impeccable track record of accurate leaks and predictions - have revealed something about the internal strife affecting the development of Battlefield 2042.

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The game has gone through one technical test which let players try out one of the upcoming game's maps. This test also led to several leaks, as is to be expected when you let people put your game files onto their PCs. However, ever since then not a peep could be heard from DICE about other tests, even though a broader beta was expected.

In the past, Henderson predicted that we'd hear official word about the beta within the August 31st - September 2nd timeframe, but has since then tweeted saying that timeframe is looking to be increasingly "not true"- considering it is the 2nd, we'd tend to agree.

The leaker shared an image of an email conversation with a trusted source, with the source's identity protected. This is what revealed the apparent "internal delays", though the source does not elaborate and they themselves do not know any more or what said delays entail.

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What the source does state however is that the internal delays are not affecting the game's release date, just the scheduling of the various tests that DICE planned to conduct before the big day. Hopefully the development pipeline gets unclogged soon enough.

We can only theorize that implementing feedback and improvements based on the findings of the previous technical test is a bigger fish than what DICE expected to fry before moving onto the beta phase, with a larger amount of bugfixes, tweaks and adjustments to implement.

Battlefield 2042's tornadoes need more polishing before beta time.

The beta is also expected to give players a broader slice of the game to try out, meaning more content - which, in turn, means more content that needs to be tip-top shape and ready to actually be taking visitors, so to speak. It is likely that other maps and game modes still need polishing.

Battlefield 2042 is set to launch on October 22, 2021. Fingers crossed!

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