Intel Mission Guide - "The War Room" (Season 6 - Week 3 Part 2)

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This guide covers Week 3 Part 2 of Season 6 of Warzone's Intel Missions - "The War Room". You can also check out our other Intel Mission guides and our interactive Warzone map for all their locations.

This Intel mission is the last in the series of missions introduced throughout different seasons of Warzone. These missions helped unraveled the big mystery of what has been going on in Verdansk. Finally, after completing this particular Intel mission, you will come to an interesting conclusion, discussed below.

As usual, there are certain locations where you can collect the Intel from. Below, we have gathered all the locations where you can find the Intel for this mission. Interestingly enough, completing this Intel mission unlocks a cutscene that ends the story revolving around Viktor Zakhaev and the nuke he planned to launch over Verdansk.

Video Guide

Intel 1

The first picture shows Intel's exact location when you access it from the 'Missions' menu. It shows a gold coin sitting on a wall with the port in view.

This is the exact location of Bunker 10. The coin is on the wall right in front of Bunker 10 at the southern end of the Verdansk map.

Approach the wall, and you should get a prompt to collect the Intel.

After collecting the Intel, wait for the Ghost icon to appear at the top right corner of your screen to confirm the collected Intel's registration. If you leave the game before the Ghost icon appears, your Intel mission will be bugged.

Once you collect the first Intel, you will get a clue for the next one. You will get a picture with three locations circled: A building northwest of the monument, the monument, and the radio tower east of the monument.

Intel 2

According to the picture from Intel 1, you can find the next Intel at three different locations. You do not have to go to all the locations to register the collection of the second Intel. You can go to any ONE of the locations to collect this Intel, and it will be registered as collected.

We will show you all three locations while using the center monument as a reference for directions.

  1. Northwestern BuildingThere is a building across the sewage line on the other side of the road just northwest of the monument.

    You will find the Intel in the form of a small backpack on the roof of this building.

  2. The MonumentThe second Intel location is the monument itself.

    You can find the Intel on top of the monument.

  3. Eastern Radio TowerThere is a radio tower to the far east of the monument. The radio tower is near the bridge that directly leads you to the port area. It is just next to the Park.

    You will find the Intel at the base of the radio tower.

As mentioned before, you can go to any ONE of these locations to collect this Intel. Also, when you collected the Intel, the Ghost icon will appear twice. So, keep an eye out for that and do not leave the game upon the icon appearing only once. This is because the next Intel is automatically added once you collect this one. You do not have to go and find the third Intel.

Intel 3

The third Intel has added automatically, which is a directive document from the Department of Defense. It details some information about the Requiem group and even mentions Dr. Stauss, a major character in the Black Ops Cold War zombies storyline. This is yet another nod towards the fact that Modern Warfare and the Black Ops universe are now connected.

Along with the third Intel being added automatically, you also get a hint that leads you to your fourth Intel. This is a sticky note that reads, "Teams are inbound. Abort code is still viable. Tracked ARM 3-1 to a campsite west of the prison. See what you can find."

Intel 4

As the clue from the third Intel states, you need to go to the campsite located west of the prison. There is indeed a campsite located just west of the prison.

Make your way to the campsite, and you will find a small backpack on the ground, which is your fourth Intel.

Upon collecting the fourth Intel, you will get another note that reads, "Heavy comms interference - like when all this began. Source is Bunker 11. Need to find a way in. Z used phones and bunkers against us, maybe we can turn the tables. But there's something else, half a klick off the coast. this threat isn't just contained in Verdansk."

Intel 5

At first, you might think that to get the fifth Intel; you are required to complete the Bunker 11 easter egg. Fortunately, that is not the case. The next Intel, as suggested by the note, is "half a klick off the coast," which is near the prison once again. It is a small shack that you can open by entering an access code.

You need to enter the code to open the shack door. The code is 72948531.

Once you open it up, you will see a collect Intel icon as soon as you enter the shack. The Intel is the computer on the table.

It will give you a picture of the nuke with the abort sequence. It will also have a hand-written note that reads, "Emergency shutdown isn't working. Abort code is 6157. Head to roof of BCH4 in downtown. Get the message out."

Intel 6

According to the hand-written note on the nuke image, you will find the next Intel on top of the BCH4 tower, located in downtown.

Make your way to the roof of the building, and you will find a 'Collect Intel' prompt on a radio tower. Collect it, and you're done with the collection of all the Intel for this mission.

Intel 7 & Cutscene

You can now make your way to the 'Missions' menu under the 'Challenges' tab on your main menu screen. The moment your cursor or selection lands on the 'Missions,' a cutscene will play that we won't spoil and leave for you to watch for yourself.

You will also find the last Intel in the form of a note from Nikolai. You can access this Intel from the 'Missions' menu.


Can we do the Intel missions in both Battle Royale and Plunder?

Yes, you can do the Intel missions in both Battle Royale and Plunder mode.


I am not able to pick up the Intel / I am not getting the prompt “Collect Intel”

This usually happens when you haven't visited the Intel tab from the main menu. You need to go to the "Challenges" tab and then select "Missions" from the list. Then at the top, you will notice a new tab called "Intel". Open that up, and you will see your Intel missions.

You will see that they "Active" written beside them. Once the mission is active, you will be able to collect the Intel in the match.


Do we have to complete the whole match for the Intel to be registered?

No, you do not have to complete the full match. Once you've collected the Intel, you can leave the game if you wish to.


Can we collect all the Intel in one match?

No, you can only collect one piece of Intel per match.

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