Intel Mission Guide - Secret Trails (Season 6 - Week 1)

New Secret Trails Week Season Feature

This guide covers Week 1 of Season 6 of Warzone's Intel Missions - 'Secret Trails'. You can also check out our other Intel Mission guides and our interactive Warzone map for all their locations.

The new Season 6 of Call of Duty: Warzone is here, and so is a range of new content. We have our very first Intel mission for the sixth season, and it's an interesting one.

Note that, as of 30 September 2020, the game is bugged, and there are significant crashes after you finish a game in Warzone. This is a problem, particularly for PC players. So, if you plan on going for the Intel, wait for a day or two as Activision has taken note of the issue.

Why should you wait? Because if you collect the Intel and crash while exiting the match, your Intel will be bugged, and you won't be able to make progress in your Intel mission. Since the release of these Intel missions, many people have reported this bug but to no response or fix from the game devs.

With that being said, let's take a look at all the Intel locations for this week.

Video Guide

Intel 1

To start this week's Intel hunt, the first picture from the Intel menu shows us a very familiar location with a gold coin on the floor. This is a tunnel just north of the hospital where the train tracks are going.

You will find it as soon as you enter the tunnel from the hospital side. There will be a gold coin on the left-hand side of the tunnel entrance on the ground.

After collecting the first Intel, you will get a note that reads, "The trains are running. Z taking material underground could have tripped alarms. Check Barakett shopping metro."

Intel 2

According to the note, you need to go to the Barakett shopping metro. This is the Subway Station just east of Promenade East. Head on inside and go all the way down and straight across through the double doors at the end of the platform.

You will find a control room, and the Intel is the control panel with a white headset and a chair next to it.

This gives you a hint for the next Intel location as it provides an image of a metro system, and it shows all the subway stations. One of the stations, that is, the Verdansk Center station shows a "radiological" error.

Intel 3

As you might have already guessed, the next Intel is at the Verdansk Center subway station, which is the one located east of the Stadium. Head on down towards the platform and then go through the double doors. There will be a study desk in the right corner of the room. The document on this table is your next Intel.

You can also access this directly by going through the maintenance hole on the right side of the subway station entrance.

You will get an Emergency Procedures document in case of Radiological issues, which is the case at hand currently. It says to follow up, check with the hospital. It even gives the room number 301, stating it is near the reception.

Intel 4

You need to head on over to the hospital and go to the third floor. There will be a room numbered 301 just after you pass the reception, as seen in the video guide. Inside the room, you will find a red trash bin. This trash bin is your Intel.

After collecting the Intel, you will get a torn paper that reads "H6/49285163."

Intel 5

According to the note, H6 is the coordinates on the Warzone map, and this is at Farmland. It takes you to the same building in Farmland that has a secret locked room that you can unlock by putting in the access code.

This room was initially opened during the Black Ops Cold War reveal easter egg. Conveniently enough, the note also has the access code, which is 49285163.

Put in the code and enter the room. You will find a stack of papers on your left beside a television and a lamp.

After collecting this Intel, you will get a transcript that shows a conversation between "Z" and "Perseus" along with some deposit box keys.

Intel 6

After getting the keys, you need to head over to the Bank in Downtown. Head inside and go to the vault. Once inside the vault, you will find a prompt to collect the Intel on the back wall of the vault.

This will be your last Intel in the game, and you can now exit to see your final Intel.

Intel 7

The final Intel can be seen from the Intel menu. This shows an image of a missile head with a written note that reads "Isotopes weaponized. Dispersion units are ready."

This certainly gives us a hint that something big is going to happen in Warzone very soon. This ends our Season 6's first Intel mission.


Can we do the Intel missions in both Battle Royale and Plunder?

Yes, you can do the Intel missions in both Battle Royale and Plunder mode.

I am not able to pick up the Intel / I am not getting the prompt “Collect Intel”

This usually happens when you haven't visited the Intel tab from the main menu. You need to go to the "Challenges" tab and then select "Missions" from the list. Then at the top, you will notice a new tab called "Intel". Open that up, and you will see your Intel missions.

You will see that they "Active" written beside them. Once the mission is active, you will be able to collect the Intel in the match.

Do we have to complete the whole match for the Intel to be registered?

No, you do not have to complete the full match. Once you've collected the Intel, you can leave the game if you wish to.

Can we collect all the Intel in one match?

No, you can only collect one piece of Intel per match.

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