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This guide covers Week 3 of Season 6 of Warzone's Intel Missions - "Outside Influence". You can also check out our other Intel Mission guides and our interactive Warzone map for all their locations.

Warzone and Black Ops Cold War integration brought heaps of new content, both free and premium. The newly integrated Warzone also continued Intel missions. There are two new Intel missions added in Verdansk - "Outside Influence" and "The War Room".

Both these Intel continue the story of Verdansk as seen in the previous Intel. Completing the last of these two Intel initiates a cutscene that concludes a three season-long Intel hunt. In this guide, we show you where to find all the Intel to complete the Outside Influence Intel mission.

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Intel 1

To begin, as always, go to your 'Challenges' tab in the main menu and navigate to the 'Missions' to find two new missions under 'Season 6' - Outside Influence and The War Room. Make sure Outside Influence is selected and active.

View the first clue, and you will see a picture of a gold coin resting on a cliff overlooking the Quarry in Verdansk. That is your first Intel location.

Make your way to the pictured cliff and approach the gold coin. Collect it as an Intel to get the next clue.

When you collect the coin, you will get a note that reads, "Z using Armistice to launch an attack. We're running out of time. ARM 3-1 has intel. Apartment roof. SW of ATLAS market."

Note that after picking up the Intel, you must wait for the Ghost icon to show up at the top right corner of your screen. If Ghost shows up, it indicates that the Intel is registered successfully.

Intel 2

As per the note, the next Intel is on an apartment roof located southwest of the ATLAST market, which is another name for Superstore. You need to make your way to the tall apartment building located southwest of Superstore across the street.

Go to the roof, and you will find the next Intel in the form of a small backpack on the ground next to some paint buckets.

When you collect this Intel, you will get the clue for the location of the third Intel. You will get another note that reads, "Tracked shipment to the quarry - Block 2B. Z using the old rail-lines. Moving more than nuclear material."

Intel 3

According to the note, your next location is once again Quarry. Although the note says 'Block 2B', it is actually 'Block 2A.' There is not Intel inside Block 2B at the Quarry.

Make your way to Block 2B at the Quarry, and you will find a white desk with some computers on it. These computers are your third Intel. Approach the keyboard and screen to collect your third Intel.

When you collect the third Intel, your next Intel location clue is acquired. It shows a satellite map birdseye view of Verdansk with red circles indicating the locations where the bombs are planted. The picture also has a message at the bottom left corner that reads, "Excess moved to warehouse 3 and Atlas Store."

Intel 4

As the message states, the excess is moved to the warehouse and atlas store (aka Superstore). Make your way to the Superstore to find this Intel.

It will be in the middle of the Superstore. There will be some Nova 4 gas containers sitting on top of a wooden box. The box will have a receipt or information note on it that you can collect as an Intel.

The note states that the material is hazardous, and it also says the name of the material on the document, that is, Nova 4. Furthermore, the document also states that the material or shipment is approved by port authority lock 18 at the port.

Intel 5

You might have already guessed our next location, which is the port. It is not the exact port but slightly to the southwest or port by the shore where the huge dam or port lock is.

You will find that one of the port locks has the number 18 painted on it, as mentioned in the document.

And to the right, you will find your next Intel under a shade. There will be a small backpack that you can collect.

Upon collecting the fifth Intel, you will get a document titled 'Shipment Manifest' with a hand-written note on it. The note reads, "A prisoner in gulag spoke of an island. Kept in a cell until they made him fight. Could hold a clue - but only way in is to get thrown in."

Intel 6

According to the hand-written note on the Shipment Manifest, your next Intel is found in the Gulag.

All you need to do is start a regular Battle Royale mode solo and die as soon as deployment is possible. This can easily be done by jumping and going out of the combat zone.

Once you're in the Gulag, check one of the middlemost railings for a circular prompt to collect the Intel. If you do not see one, then chances are you are on the other side of the Gulag room. Simply cross over to the other side, and you should see the prompt.

Approach the circle and collect the Intel. Note that sometimes this prompt is buggy for some people, and it shows up mid-air instead of next to the railing, as seen in the image above. If that happens, then restart another game. We experienced the same bug once. We exited the match and started another one. This fixed the Intel bugged location for us.

This Intel might take a couple of tries but you will eventually get it. Once you collect the sixth Intel, you will get another clue that shows a wall with 'BUNKER 1 97264138' engraved in it.

Intel 7

Naturally, according to the last clue, you would think the next Intel is found in Bunker 1. But that is incorrect. For some reason, your next Intel is found inside Bunker 3 and not Bunker 1. The last clue is a bit misleading.

Make your way to Bunker 3 and enter the code 87624851 to open the bunker door.

Once the door opens, enter, and check your immediate right. You do not have to go too deep into the bunker. The Intel is a table with a typewriter.

Collect the Intel, and you have completed your Outside Influence Intel mission.

Intel 8

The final Intel can be seen from the Intel menu after collecting all seven in-game Intel. The last Intel is quite interesting as it talks about Rebirth Island, the Nova gas development in Verdansk, and Dr. Friedrich Steiner (the man who developed the Nova gas). What makes this interesting is that it is literally a crossover between the Black Ops and Modern Warfare Universe.


Can we do the Intel missions in both Battle Royale and Plunder?

Yes, you can do the Intel missions in both Battle Royale and Plunder mode.


I am not able to pick up the Intel / I am not getting the prompt “Collect Intel”

This usually happens when you haven't visited the Intel tab from the main menu. You need to go to the "Challenges" tab and then select "Missions" from the list. Then at the top, you will notice a new tab called "Intel". Open that up, and you will see your Intel missions.

You will see that they "Active" written beside them. Once the mission is active, you will be able to collect the Intel in the match.


Do we have to complete the whole match for the Intel to be registered?

No, you do not have to complete the full match. Once you've collected the Intel, you can leave the game if you wish to.


Can we collect all the Intel in one match?

No, you can only collect one piece of Intel per match.

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