Intel Mission Guide - Old Wounds (Season 5 - Week 2)

Intel Mission Old Wounds Feature

This guide covers Week 2 of Season 5 of Warzone's Intel Missions - 'Old Wounds'. You can also check out our other Intel Mission guides and our interactive Warzone map for all their locations.

This week's Intel mission revolves around the mysterious Operator that many suspect to be Frank Woods. Frank Woods is a supporting character in Black Ops and a playable character in Black Ops 4: Blackout. He appears in almost all the Black Ops games.

The name of this Intel mission is 'Old Wounds' which is a possible reference to the third campaign mission in Black Ops 4 with the same name. Note that all the Intel this week is found inside the Prison.

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Intel 1

To start this week's Intel, you can see the picture of a control room. This is the Prison's control room where the Gulag area is. You need to head over to the Prison and go to the control room.

You will find a gold coin on the computer desk sitting next to the monitor. You will get a note that reads "aem 3-1 signal came from in here. found this. b2 IIIIII. Can you decipher?"

Intel 2

The b2 IIIIII that you see is a symbol representing the b level of the Prison. It is the second cell from when you get to the floor.

You will see a white circle on the white pipes beside the sink that will indicate the presence of the next intel.

Once you've collected the second Intel, you will get another note that reads "Finishing what father began. ADLER/PERSEUS? PERSEUS tried recruiting IZ. Moving to showers block 2." IZ here could be a reference to Imran Zakhaev, who was the main antagonist in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Intel 3

According to the second Intel, we now know that the third Intel is somewhere in the shower area of the Prison. You need to head to the very bottom of the Prison and head straight through the double doors to reach the Prison shower area.

This is the same area where you have the Gulag fights. Go up to the platform where you wait while in the Gulag, and you will see several small cells. The Intel is the toilet in one of the first cells, coming from the open window/wall of the shower area.

Collecting this Intel will give you yet another note that reads "Z controls the BFT. will use me as ground conf. Moving med/nuke material. Office above entrance."

Intel 4

The previous note mentions the office above the entrance. This means that our fourth Intel is inside the Prison office, which is located just above the front entrance of the Prison.

You can jump directly on the platform above the Prison entrance and go up the wooden stairs/platform to enter the main office. Once you're inside the office, you will see a folder and some files on the desk. These files are your fourth Intel.

Upon collecting this Intel, you will get an inventory list of several chemicals. Some of these chemicals are similar to the ones found in the Chem Cipher during the pawn takes pawn easter egg.

You will also see a sticky note that reads "Moving underground. Leave prisoner in A3."

Intel 5

As suspected, the A3 in the sticky note is the cell number. You need to go to the top level, which is the "A" level, and see the cell directly in front of the stairs that lead up to that floor.

Head inside the cell and you will see a crate directly to your left. This crate is your fifth Intel. Once you've collected this Intel, you can back out of the game and see the last one from the Intel menu.

Intel 6

The last Intel is a doodled sketch which is showing a small part of the map of Verdansk. It looks like it is near the Stadium.

It is, in fact, the huge mysterious sewer pipe that is found at the marked location in the sketch, and that many players have been wondering about. It is just Northeast of Lumber. It is assumed that Frank Woods used this sewer pipe to escape out of Verdansk.

Interestingly enough, if you move a little up north, you will reach the edge of the map on top of the mountain. You will notice that there is a bag on the rock that has a prompt to collect an Intel. This is, without a doubt, a piece of Intel that is to be collected in the coming weeks.

We highly recommend not collecting this Intel now, because it is not intended to be collected at this point. In addition, many players are already struggling with the bugs that come with these Intel missions.


Can we do the Intel missions in both Battle Royale and Plunder?

Yes, you can do the Intel missions in both Battle Royale and Plunder mode.

I am not able to pick up the Intel / I am not getting the prompt “Collect Intel”

This usually happens when you haven't visited the Intel tab from the main menu. You need to go to the "Challenges" tab and then select "Missions" from the list. Then at the top, you will notice a new tab called "Intel". Open that up, and you will see your Intel missions.

You will see that they "Active" written beside them. Once the mission is active, you will be able to collect the Intel in the match.

Do we have to complete the whole match for the Intel to be registered?

No, you do not have to complete the full match. Once you've collected the Intel, you can leave the game if you wish to.

Can we collect all the Intel in one match?

No, you can only collect one piece of Intel per match.

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