Intel Mission Guide - New Threats (Season 5 - Week 4)

Intel Mission New Threats Feature

This guide covers Week 4 of Season 5 of Warzone's Intel Missions - 'New Threats'. You can also check out our other Intel Mission guides and our interactive Warzone map for all their locations.

As the new Season 6 is nearing, the Intel missions are also getting interesting. This week's Intel mission is quite exciting as it takes us to the infamous Bunker 10, that contains the Nuke. This Nuke is supposedly going to go off soon, revealing the new map that will be integrated with the new Black Ops Cold War.

Below, we show you where to find all the Intel for this week.

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Intel 1

To start, you will see a picture with a gold coin on a rag bag, beside a hay bale next to a windmill. This windmill is located at Farmland.

You can see the gold coin sitting on a bag beside some hay. Collect the coin to register your first Intel. Make sure you wait for the Ghost icon to appear at the top right corner of your screen to confirm the Intel registration.

Once you collect this gold coin, you will get a note that says, "3-1 left us something. Campsite east of the stadium."

Intel 2

As the note suggests, the next Intel is located just east of the stadium, on a slight elevation. You will find a campsite just east of the stadium. The sleeping bag, among other camp equipment, is your second Intel. Just get closer to the items, and you will get a prompt to collect the Intel.

You will get the clue for the next Intel. This clue is titled "Central Intelligence Cable" and has a note on it that reads "power grid - hydroelectric Dam. Adler was old-school - one of the CIA's best. Hunting Perseus meant he was on to something big."

Intel 3

According to the second Intel, you will find your next Intel at the Dam. Head over to the Dam, and you will find the Intel on a desk in the same room as the Bunker 11 easter egg message phone.

You will find a couple of papers lying on the desk. These papers are your Intel. Upon collecting the Intel, you will get a rough sketch of a monument.

Intel 4

According to the previous Intel, the sketch represents the monument which is located just south of the Park. You will find your next Intel at this very monument. If you look at the base of the monument, you will find something written in a different language with a date 1941-1945.

There will be a gold coin just sitting above the embossed title and the date on the ledge.

Collecting the fourth Intel gives you a clue for the next Intel. The fourth Intel is once again another note that reads, "Disrupt the satellite array. A low-range EMP should do the trick. When backup power kicks off, I'll drop you the location."

Intel 5

The next Intel is also at the same location by the monument. There is a small cabin right beside the monument.

When you head inside the cabin, you will find an old television. Approach the television to get a prompt to collect the next Intel.

This clue gives you a Bunker status and also shows that the backup is in Bunker 10.

Intel 6

By now, you can guess that the next Intel is in Bunker 10, which is located south-east of the monument.

To enter Bunker 10, you need to put in an access code, which is 60274513. You can also find other Bunker codes here.

Head inside the Bunker and keep going until you come across a bunch of computers. These computers/control panels are your next Intel. You can also see the Nuke through the window beside the control panel.

Intel 7

After collecting the seventh Intel, you can go back to your Intel main menu screen to see the last Intel, which is just a picture of the Nuke that you find inside Bunker 10.

That concludes your Intel hunt for Week 4 of Season 5.


Can we do the Intel missions in both Battle Royale and Plunder?

Yes, you can do the Intel missions in both Battle Royale and Plunder mode.

I am not able to pick up the Intel / I am not getting the prompt “Collect Intel”

This usually happens when you haven't visited the Intel tab from the main menu. You need to go to the "Challenges" tab and then select "Missions" from the list. Then at the top, you will notice a new tab called "Intel". Open that up, and you will see your Intel missions.

You will see that they "Active" written beside them. Once the mission is active, you will be able to collect the Intel in the match.

Do we have to complete the whole match for the Intel to be registered?

No, you do not have to complete the full match. Once you've collected the Intel, you can leave the game if you wish to.

Can we collect all the Intel in one match?

No, you can only collect one piece of Intel per match.

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