Insider still thinks that a Bully announcement is coming

Tom Henderson doubled down on his earlier statement about the Bully series despite evidence to the contrary.

Rockstar Games is sitting on some of the best-selling and most iconic gaming franchises of all time. So, every time the studio makes an announcement, fans hold their breath until they find out what it is for. Case in point, Rockstar made headlines last week after it confirmed that Grand Theft Auto 6 is in development. But, as it turns out, the sixth mainline GTA title isn't the only fan-favorite project that Rockstar is working on.

Contrary to other recent announcements, Henderson still believes that "something is going on" with the Bully series.

Tom Henderson revealed back in December that Rockstar is going to announce Bully 2 soon. However, just a few days after Henderson's leaked info, another insider dropped intel suggesting that Rockstar canceled Bully 2 a long time ago. A few months later, Henderson still insists that Rockstar is still working on a Bully sequel. Specifically, Henderson mentioned that "there's something going on" with the Bully franchise, but he declined to explain.

Henderson's statement came as a response to a fan that accused him of trolling audiences "this whole time." What is interesting here is that Henderson has changed his phrasing from Bully 2 to something related to the series. This would suggest that Henderson has since heard information suggesting otherwise or he's just trying to avoid riling up fans in case Rockstar doesn't announce anything related to Bully.

For a game that's over a decade old, Bully holds up well, especially on the PC.

Having said that, Henderson does make a point in his response. Nowhere does Rockstar say that Rockstar is focusing on GTA VI. If we go by Henderson's earlier statement that GTA VI won't be out until 2025, Rockstar will need a handful of games to tide fans over until then. We already have a clue of what some of these games could be after reports of a GTA IV remaster and Red Dead Redemption remake popped up in recent weeks. A Bully remake or remaster would certainly be a great way to fill in the gap between now and when GTA VI comes out.

Even if Rockstar isn't thinking about a Bully-related project, all these talks could make the studio reconsider. If, for example, a Bully remake or remaster sells well, Rockstar could look into a Bully sequel in the next few years. Although, there's also the possibility that Rockstar is exploring a mobile port of Bully, especially after the studio's mother company, Take-Two Interactive, acquired Zynga earlier this year.

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