Insider leaks GTA 6 announcement trailer details ahead of potential reveal

It looks like Rockstar Games is just about this close to dropping the official trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6.

The next Grand Theft Auto game is in development. The only problem is we don't know much about it. Last year's leaks don't scratch the surface about how deep Rockstar Games already is in GTA 6's development. But, if you ask the dozens of leakers and insiders online, they'll tell you that they've seen GTA 6 already. Case in point, a YouTuber says that they've seen in-game footage of GTA 6, as well as a potential GTA 6 trailer.

insider leaks gta announcement trailer
No offense to Vespucci Beach, but there's no beating Vice Beach.

A Brazilian YouTuber claims that they've somehow laid their eyes on the first GTA 6 trailer and the way they're describing it makes the game sound uninteresting.

According to the leaker, the trailer features a plane, a lizard, dogs playing on a beach, and the game's female protagonist in prison. So, while it's nothing new, it's also not something we'd like to hear about GTA 6.

insider leaks gta announcement trailer
As much as we've loved our time with Los Santos, players could use a break from the LA-inspired setting.

After costing billions in development (presumably) and years of our life speculating, the GTA 6 trailer needs to show more than what the YouTuber is describing. A mundane trailer is not the way to go for arguably the most hype game in history. Although we wouldn't put it past Rockstar Games to find a way to make something so plain feel a lot more interesting than it has any right being.

At the end of the day, it's best to file this under the "definitely not true" tab.

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Most recently, one of the more trusted insiders claimed Rockstar will reveal GTA 6 later this year, ahead of its release in two years. We believe this because of the earlier leaks. The hacker let the cat out of the bag and it's hard to put the same cat back inside once it's out there. The glimpse of a new GTA world to conquer, one that may or may not be a more expansive version of Vice City, drove home the point that it's been ten years since GTA 5 came out.

insider leaks gta announcement trailer
GTA 5 is a tough act to follow but we're confident GTA 6 can live up to the expectations.

Make no mistake, Rockstar has done an excellent job with GTA Online. Now we know a smidge more about GTA 6 than we did before the leaks, players are hoping the wait for the sunny beaches and palm trees of Vice City isn't too much longer.

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