Insider leaks details of Capcom Spotlight content online

Aside from the Resident Evil 4 Remake, Capcom is reportedly set to reveal more details about at least four other games.

Capcom just can't seem to catch a break. It was a victim of one of the biggest leaks in gaming a few years back. Now, just hours ahead of the Capcom Spotlight event, leakers are telling everyone what it will reveal.

We're hoping Exoprimal is successful enough that Capcom thinks about circling back to do a Dino Crisis remake.

The Capcom showcase is scheduled for today, March 9, at 2:30 PM PT / 5:30 PM ET / 10:30 PM GMT / 11:30 PM CET. But, if you join early, you'll get a chance to watch a pre-show that starts 20 minutes earlier. In any case, the Capcom Spotlight will reportedly run less than 30 minutes, so don't expect a massive lineup of new video game announcements.

But, while no one was expecting the company to pull off an E3-esque event, most were still looking forward to it.

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Unfortunately, Insider Gaming claims that sources have revealed to them the lineup for the event, which includes:

  • Resident Evil 4 Remake
  • Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection
  • Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak
  • Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective
  • Exoprimal
The upcoming Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective re-release as a remaster of the 2010 title.

Exoprimal is the obvious highlight of the event even though the RE4 Remake is the "bigger" game. The Dino Crisis-like title comes complete with a Regina-like red-headed protagonist. It was initially revealed last year and was quickly met with fan criticism for NOT being Dino Crisis. It hurts even more that the Dino Crisis producer, Hiroyuki Kobayashi, is also the producer of Exoprimal. It's like Capcom is pushing Dino Crisis fans to their absolute breaking point.

In any case, sources claim that Exoprimal is coming on July 14. At the same time, the release date for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, April 28, was also leaked.

Speaking of leaks, an errant Twitch ad confirmed Capcom will officially announce and release the free demo for the RE4 Remake at the upcoming March 9 showcase. We still haven't gotten word on the pre-order cancelations of the RE4 Remake by GameStop.

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