Insider Details 30 Minutes of Resident Evil Village Gameplay

As we get closer to the arrival of Resident Evil Village, fans can hardly contain their excitement. It is, after all, the first mainline title in the Resident Evil franchise to release following the remakes released over the past two years.

Apparently, Resident Evil Village won't take too long to introduce players to the werewolves prominently featured in the trailers.

With that said, more and more information, both from official sources and credible insiders, is popping up.

The latest information comes from the latter. However, it's not your typical image leak or video leak. Instead, it's an incredibly detailed description of the first thirty minutes of gameplay of Resident Evil Village.

30 Minutes of Resident Evil Village Gameplay Revealed

In a series of tweets, well-known industry insider Dusk Golem, details what will transpire during the first 30 minutes of gameplay of Resident Evil Village.

Before we proceed though, we'd like to remind you that his re-telling of events is very descriptive.

So, it should already go without saying, but do expect some spoilers ahead.

In response to a question of whether or not Resident Evil Village will have a similar "all-out assault intro" to Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5, Dusk Golem responds by describing what happens as soon as you start the game.

Apparently, the game will kick things off with a rather quaint setting. Ethan and Mia seem to be living normal lives as a married couple with their daughter Rose. However, just a few moments later, Chris (yes, as in that Chris), barges in to disrupt the peace. He'll end up shooting Mia (unconfirmed if this is fatal) and kidnap Ethan, as well as Rose.

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Not long after kidnapping Ethan and Rose though, the getaway car will get itself into an accident and the scene goes back to Ethan.

Ethan now finds himself in the middle of a forest, desperately searching for a way to call for help.

The game then introduces the werewolves seen in previous trailers as Ethan starts arming himself and preparing for the worst. Dusk Golem then describes the setting to shift towards something very similar to that of Resident Evil 4.

Will Capcom Release a Second Resident Evil Village Demo?

Earlier, Capcom revealed that they would release a follow-up to the second demo sometime this spring. However, with Resident Evil Village slated to release on May 7, 2021, they may move up their timeline by a couple of days if not weeks.

What is even more probable is that the events that Dusk Golem described would indeed be confirmed by this second demo. Either it's that or it's going to be the content of the upcoming gameplay trailer.

Although a thirty-minute demo seems a bit long, we're not putting it above Capcom to try and do it. This is especially after Square Enix and People Can Fly released what's essentially a huge chunk of Outriders as a demo before the game's April release date.

Hopefully, the March 21 live streaming talk show will help shed some more light on all of this.

PlayStation Japan recently revealed that they will reveal more gameplay footage of Resident Evil Village on the said talk show. Also included in the event is a PlayStation 5-exclusive title and expansion, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade.

Resident Evil Village is set to release on May 7, 2021, on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows platforms.

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