Insider claims that Iron Man game will be developed by EA Motive after Dead Space Remake

The single-player Iron Man experience that everyone wanted could finally be here.

Disney's D23 Expo 2022 was an exciting event with several reveals and teases. Following the rumors, everyone expected EA's Iron Man to be shown. But, to everyone's disappointment, it was not. However, we still have some exciting updates about the rumored game.

Insider Claims That Iron Man Game Will Be Developed By Ea Motive After Dead Space Remake

One of the industry's most renowned insiders, Jeff Grubb, has stated that while the Iron Man game didn't appear during the D23 Expo, it is still planned and will enter full-blown development shortly. We can assume that the game is currently in pre-development. Grubb tweeted that the devs at EA Motive will work on the Iron Man game after the Dead Space Remake.

Another team, consisting of developers who previously worked on Shadow of Mordor, will make Black Panther. While Iron Man wasn't revealed, the upcoming game featuring Black Panther and Captain America was teased during the D23 event, however with no official date and title.

It is still unknown when players can expect the rumored single-player Iron Man game, but given EA Motive is currently working on Dead Space Remake, we should not expect it for at least the next two years. Even Grubbs stated that the development team was currently looking at three years at the earliest.

However, an interesting thing to note here is that in his original tweet, Grubb stated that the Iron Man game will arrive before the Black Panther game he talked about a few months ago. According to Grubb, this particular Black Panther game differs from the one teased during D23 Expo.

So does that mean we're looking at two different Black Panther games? Only time will tell. Whatever the case, we still have a few years to wait before we can get our hands on the Iron Man game. In the meantime, you can look forward to the new Disney Speedstorm that we're almost certain will release this year. Disney Speedstorm's gameplay trailer was also revealed during D23 Expo 2022.

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