Insider claims that Sony is working on emulating PS3 games on the PS5

The report comes after fans expressed their disappointment that PS3 games can only be streamed as part of the new PS Plus Premium subscription.

Without going into the technical side of things (and spending thousands of words boring you with the details), let's just say that numerous experts agree that it's difficult to emulate PS3 games, which is why we haven't seen Sony put in the effort unlike what Microsoft has done with the Xbox 360. However, in light of recent announcements, it appears that Sony is beginning to think about investing the time, money, and effort, to try and emulate PS3 games on the PS5.

Outside of cloud streaming, Metal Gear Solid 4 is still only available to play on the PS3.

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According to Jeff Grubb, his sources have told him that Sony is working on an emulation solution to make PS3 games run natively on the PS5.

Sony's expanded PlayStation Plus subscription comes in multiple tiers, with PlayStation Plus Premium being the most expensive variant. Premium will reportedly feature a library of classic games from the PS1, PS2, and PS3.

Unfortunately, while subscribers can already download and play the majority of the selected titles on their PS5 by using emulation, Sony clarified that PS3 games are only available through cloud streaming. This is not an ideal solution as not all Premium subscribers have a fast and stable internet connection that can support streaming video games over the internet consistently, nor will Premium be available in all countries.

According to Sony, markets without cloud streaming will get the less expensive PS Plus Deluxe instead. This "more affordable" alternative will come with everything that Premium is offering except for cloud streaming.

PS3's unique architecture and Cell processor are notorious for making emulations of PS3 games expensive. Because of this, many PlayStation games are still only available to play on the PS3 such as a handful of Ratchet & Clank entries as well as Metal Gear Solid 4, one of Hideo Kojima's best games.

As Sony stands to make a lot of money by making it possible to download and play PS3 games on the PS5 using emulation, the financial side of things might finally make sense for Sony to invest.

Making PS3 games available to download and play on the PS5 could give subscribers another reason to care about PS Plus Premium.

Speaking of Sony, the tech giant is doing an awful job getting customers to care about the new PS Plus subscription. To make matters worse, the console manufacturer might have alienated the main market of the PS Now by making streaming PlayStation games on the PC twice more expensive. Also, Jim Ryan confirmed in a recent PlayStation podcast that Sony will not stop acquiring studios anytime soon.

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