Inside Out 2 officially announced at D23

Will the sequel be as emotionally charged as the first film?

It is once again time to process those emotions as Joy, Sadness, and the rest of the crew are back in the sequel of the beloved animated film.

Inside Out 2 will add more emotions as Riley deals with adolescence.
Inside Out 2 will add more emotions as Riley deals with adolescence.

Disney and Pixar officially announced the sequel to the hit movie Inside Out at D23 on Friday last week. The sequel will have big shoes to fill as Inside Out was one of the biggest blockbusters when it arrived in 2015. It won Best Animated Feature at The Academy Awards and also won in the same category at the Golden Globe Awards.

Inside Out follows the struggles of a girl named Riley in dealing with her emotions as she moves to San Francisco with her parents. Inside her mind, her emotions namely Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear help Riley in overcoming her emotional distress by figuring out the importance of each feeling.

Audiences were taken on a rollercoaster ride during the movie, which left a lot of viewers teary-eyed. Inside Out was met with critical acclaim and praised within the psychology community for bringing the topic of how humans handle emotions into the spotlight.

Pixar will hope to replicate the magic of Inside Out with the sequel, as the original went on to gross $858 million in box office sales. Fans too are hoping that Disney and Pixar can recreate the whirlwind of emotions that made the film such a success.

What we know so far

Inside Out 2 Officially Announced At D23
Amy Poehler will be returning to the sequel as Joy.

Details about the plot for Inside Out 2 have been very limited so far. Amy Poehler, who played Joy in the original, revealed only a few details about the upcoming sequel during the panel presentation of the film. She describes the film's script as "amazing".

We know that sequel will pick up from the original story as Riley becomes a teenager. She will deal with all the complicated emotions that come with adolescence and introduce new emotions to the existing five from the first film.

Amy Poehler reprises her role as Joy in the upcoming movie while Bill Hader and Mindy Kaling are not returning as Fear and Disgust, according to rumors. We do not have confirmation that Phyllis Smith and Lewis Black will return to voice the popular characters Sadness and Anger in the sequel, either.

Meg LeFauve, who was nominated for an Academy Award with her work on Inside Out, will return as the screenwriter for Inside Out 2. Pete Docter will not be returning to the film as director and will instead be replaced by Kelsey Mann. Mann worked on several Pixar films such as Monsters University, Onward, and The Good Dinosaur as screenwriter and story director. This will be Mann’s directorial debut in a feature film.

Docter now serves as the Chief Creative Officer at Pixar. Inside Out 2 will be coming in the summer of 2024.

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