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InnerSloth confirms Among Us release date on PlayStation and Xbox

Among Us will also be available on the Xbox Game Pass as soon as it's available on the Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

PlayStation and Xbox owners are finally going to have a chance to play Among Us soon.
PlayStation and Xbox owners are finally going to have a chance to play Among Us soon.

The hype surrounding InnerSloth's social deduction game, Among Us, has died out, but the player base remains awfully large. Now, the game is about to get a boost in its player count with an impending release on the PlayStation and Xbox consoles, with Among Us also set to make its debut on the Microsoft Xbox Game Pass on the same day that it will launch on those platforms.

Among Us is coming to consoles near you

Innersloth Confirms Among Us Release Date On Playstation And Xbox
Among Us' console release was initially delayed from its original September launch date.

Among Us was one of the biggest surprises of the pandemic-ridden world. Many gamers, even those who weren't usually fans of similar titles, sought refuge in the entertainment offered by InnerSloth's social deduction game. The unprecedented and sudden success of Among Us even made InnerSloth reconsider their initial plans as they decided to continue supporting Among Us instead.

However, because it was available only on PCs and mobile platforms, Among Us didn't exactly see the audience that it deserved.

This is about to change on December 14. After an earlier reveal, InnerSloth has confirmed that Among Us will be headed to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X, just in time for the holidays. Speaking of time, the game's arrival is also perfect timing as it will offer an alternative to Fortnite, which blatantly copied Among Us.

While Among Us will be available worldwide digitally on December 14, getting your hands on the physical release might take a while. The Crewmate edition will initially be available in the UK and Europe on December 14 followed by Japan on December 14 and finally, the US, Canada, and Latin America, on January 11, 2022. Meanwhile, the more expensive Imposter Edition and Ejected Edition won't be available until spring 2022.

With that said, the arrival of Among Us on consoles is a long time coming. It reinforces InnerSloth's earlier claims that it doesn't intend on stopping support for Among Us anytime soon. We can only hope that InnerSloth brings in a new map in the future, especially now that their game will be available for a wider audience.

Only time will tell what InnerSloth has in store for Among Us. For now, fans will have to settle with knowing how to tell which is which among their crewmates.

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