Superman is definitely seeing red in the Injustice Red Band trailer

The Injustice Red Band trailer is promising a lot of gore and violence for the upcoming animated adaptation of the popular fighting game series.

No one prepared anyone from NetherRealm Studios' take on the DC Comics' standard-bearer superheroes. After successfully working on Mortal Kombat 9, NetherRealm decided to apply its fighting game expertise, as well as its penchant for gore and violence, with something that's not commonly associated with brutal elements and turned a lot of heads, often quite literally.

This is not the Superman that most audiences grew up watching.

In 2013's Injustice: Gods Among Us, NetherRealm took the Justice League and effectively built a fighting game with a captivating story based on what happens if Superman didn't hold back for once.

Now, audiences will get a chance to see the wanton destruction that Supes is capable of when he goes on a rampage.

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Injustice more than earns its R-rating with its Red Band trailer

If you're curious to see what happens when Superman doesn't hold back, make sure to watch Injustice.

All the subsequent material released and based on Injustice: Gods Among Us, including the game's sequel and several dozen comic books, offered a much darker take on the DC Universe. What the animated film is aiming to do is to translate this into a more familiar form of media. True to this, the upcoming DC Animated Universe film, Injustice, carries an R-rating for its violence and gore.

While the initial trailer did feature quite a bit of blood in it, it wasn't enough for most audiences to justify getting an R-rating. But, with the Red Band trailer, it's easy to see why regulatory bodies wanted to make sure that people knew what to expect heading into the animated movie.

The more mature footage from the latest Injustice trailer is a full realization of NetherRealm Studio's fighting game series in animated form. All throughout the trailer, we are reminded of the power of Superman. Villains such as Clayface, Solomon Grundy, and The Joker, proved no match for the super-powered Kryptonian after he goes on a revenge-fueled rage following the death of Lois Lane and their unborn child.

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Superman's slow descent into madness and tyranny is in full display in the Injustice Red Band trailer. At the same time, the latest preview gives fans a look at Batman's severely underpowered Insurgency. Batman's rag-tag bunch of superheroes and villains are all that stand against Superman's authoritarian regime in this timeline.

The DCAU could adapt the entire Injustice universe into animated movies.

Many consider NetherRealm's Injustice games one of the best superhero games of all time. The story follows a fuel-raged Superman who decides to protect the Earth in his image. This comes after The Joker decided to drop a nuke on top of Metropolis. Not content with this, The Joker also uses Scarecrow's fear toxin to trick Kal-El into killing Lois Lane with his own bare hands. As his grief and paranoia get the best of him, Superman decides to rule the world with an iron fist.

The events of the Injustice universe take place over several years. It sees dozens of DC heroes choose sides and switch between Superman's Regime and Batman's Insurgency. The other related media also explores events in between 2013's Injustice: Gods Among Us and its sequel, 2017's Injustice 2. Unfortunately, despite the success of both games, it appears that a third game isn't coming anytime soon. The WarnerMedia and Discovery, Inc. merger earlier this year reportedly discouraged NetherRealm from working on a third Injustice game.

With that said, the Injustice series is an expansive one. If the upcoming animated adaptation succeeds, we might just see the other stories told within the same universe be adapted as well. This should tide Injustice fans over until Injustice 3 arrives, whenever that may be.

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