Infinity War set photo shows fresh perspective of the first Thanos and Thor fight

Thanos and Thor's first encounter in Wakanda looks a lot different without all the CGI.

Thor's first encounter against Thanos near the end of 2018's Avengers: Infinity War was arguably one of the best 1v1 fights in the entire MCU universe.

Infinity War Set Photo First Thanos And Thor Fight
It is truly amazing what VFX artists are capable of doing.

It wasn't just epic because of how the fight went, what with Thanos using the full might of the Infinity Stones to try and fight back against the might of a vengeful Thor with a freshly built Stormbreaker in one hand.

Everything that led up to the fight was just perfect. However, despite his best efforts, Thor fumbled and missed out on the chance of a lifetime. By not aiming for Thanos' head, Thor gave the genocidal warlord a slight opening. As a result, the infamous Snap happened and half of the entire universe was gone just like that.

Now, we have the chance to get a fresh look at this climactic fight, before all the Hollywood magic was added.

The VFX artists are the unsung heroes of the MCU

As much as John Brolin deserves applause for playing the Mad Titan down to a T, his entire portrayal of Thanos wouldn't have been possible if not for the hard work of VFX artists.

While the MCU has almost always done a fine job at using the technology available to ensure that its comic book heroes and villains translate well to the big screen, Thanos was one of the bigger question marks ahead of his actual appearance. Many fans worried that the MCU would have a hard time making a purple creature, no matter how massive he was, look the part of a tyrant.

With Thanos now a fixture in mainstream media, it's safe to say that the MCU did well.

Infinity War Set Photo First Thanos And Thor Fight
Different doesn't even begin to describe how these set photos look from the finished product.

Behind-the-scenes footage from Infinity War, courtesy of u/Tajul92, shows the Russo brothers orchestrating the universe-altering confrontation between the god of thunder and the dark lord himself. However, this was before all the effects were applied. Because of that, you can see the entire set and it's definitely something new.

Seeing Brolin wearing a suit on top of a pajama doesn't quite evoke the same sense of dread and desperation as you'd expect his character would.

If nothing else, this should only prove just how difficult it was for the actors on set to try and act alongside everyone else. After all, it's not easy to try and keep a straight face when you're shooting with someone who's in their PJs.

Here's to hoping that we get more insights into the happenings behind the scenes like these, especially if it comes from official sources. The chance to see what movies looked like before the final product doesn't really affect your perception of it once it airs. If anything, it only makes you appreciate all the hard work put into the movie even more.

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