How to Get Infinite Ammo in Resident Evil Village

Infinite Ammo has been a part of numerous Resident Evil games and Resident Evil Village is no exception.

With infinite ammo, you'll never have to get angry at The Duke for not having any ammo in stock.

Of course, because Resident Evil Village, which is a direct sequel to Resident Evil Biohazard, is much more of a survival horror game than the majority of its predecessors, getting infinite ammo in Resident Evil Village won't be easy. But, it is possible.

Read on more below to find out how to get infinite ammo in Resident Evil Village.

Is It Possible to Get Infinite Ammo in Resident Evil Village?

Having infinite ammo comes especially handy if you want to survive higher difficulties with relative ease.

Resident Evil Village puts more emphasis on resource management than the franchise has for years. Similar to Resident Evil Biohazard, it tasks players to try and conserve ammo and health items, if not eschew the latter completely. All the while, players will have to face horrific enemies, the majority of which they'll have to run away from if they are to survive.

But while Resident Evil Village does have its fair share of horrifying moments, there is a good reason why you should try and get infinite ammo in Resident Evil Village.

Just like every other Resident Evil game, the latest mainline installment in the Resident Evil franchise has a lot of replay value. However, it can be quite cumbersome to have to go through the entire game again just as helpless as you were the first time around. This is especially if you're replaying it just to find things you might have missed in your first run, like Luthier's Key, for example.

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Having infinite ammo makes it a lot easier to get to the ending of Resident Evil Village, especially on the Village of Shadows difficulty.

How Do You Get Infinite Ammo in Resident Evil Village?

With infinite ammo and the Wolfsbane, you'll clear through Resident Evil Village on Village of Shadows difficulty without much trouble.

Naturally, Capcom made getting infinite ammo in Resident Evil Village quite difficult. For one, you'll need to complete the main story at least once first. Doing this will unlock the Extra Content Shop and Challenges. The former lets you buy infinite ammo for weapons using Completion Points, which you'll receive as a reward for completing certain challenges.

How many Completion Points you will need to unlock infinite ammo in Resident Evil Village largely depends on the weapon's power. For example, you'll only need 10,000 CP to get infinite ammo for the LEMI Handgun. Meanwhile, getting infinite ammo for more powerful weapons like the M1851 Wolfsbane and F2 Rifle will cost you 80,000 CP and 95,000 CP, respectively.

With that said, getting infinite ammo in Resident Evil Village is definitely not cheating. It doesn't even disable achievements and trophies, so it's worth getting.

Just remember that you'll need to have the attachments and upgrades for a specific weapon first. You can do this by buying them directly from The Duke. If it's not available, you'll likely find it hidden somewhere in the game.

Can You Get Infinite Ammo for All Weapons in Resident Evil Village?

There are a total of 18 different weapons available in Resident Evil Village and you can only get infinite ammo for 14 of them.

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