Industry insider confirms that the GTA 6 leak is real

Jason Schreier describes the situation over at Rockstar Games as a nightmare.

Update: Take 2 Interactive has started issuing take-down requests for the leaked content, essentially confirming its authenticity.

Fans have spent the better part of the day arguing about the authenticity of the Grand Theft Auto 6 clips that just surfaced online. But, if we believe Bloomberg's Jason Schreier, they're real.

Industry Insider Confirms Gta Leak Real
We feel sorry for the people over at Rockstar Games who has to deal with the fallout of this massive leak.

Considering the quality and quantity of the leaked footage, we can't exactly say that we're surprised. There are nearly 100 videos floating around online showcasing different aspects of the upcoming open-world title. The content is way past elaborate hoaxes and, we would say, in fact criminal territory.

We'd be shocked if Rockstar Games doesn't seek legal action to contain the influx of info that's found its way online. The code and debug tools found at the top of some of the clips are especially sensitive information that shouldn't be available for viewing to anyone else outside of people working on the game.

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Surprisingly enough, the videos are still being spread all across the internet with Rockstar remaining mum about the incident.

This kind of leak isn't commonplace; it's almost unprecedented. It's not every day that early footage of one of the most highly anticipated games makes its way online, and we're talking about 90 video clips here.

The last time that something of a similar scale happened was last year. Hackers got their hands on private data from CD Project Red, including the source code for Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3. If anything, this is just the start of Rockstar's problems. According to the hacker, they have more GTA 6 on their hands just waiting to be released.

Industry Insider Confirms Gta Leak Real
It might be fun hearing more about GTA 6 but we'd prefer it to come from official sources and legal means - not like this.

As for official GTA 6 info, we've nothing to show for the upcoming game outside of its confirmation and Take-Two Interactive's high hopes for the hexaquel.

However, rumors are rampant about GTA 6. In fact, the recent leak appears to confirm some. For example, several sources indicate that GTA 6 will have a female protagonist, which didn't sit well with some fans, for some silly reason. There are also talks that GTA 6 will be set in a larger version of Vice City. Finally, a leaker claims that GTA 6 has been in development since 2014.

Regardless of what GTA 6 ends up becoming, people are going to have high expectations as GTA 5 continues to come closer to selling 170 million units.

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