Indie free-to-play fighting game Coreupt roster teased by creator

Leading up to the soon to be revealed trailer of Coreupt, some of the fighters of the indie f2p game are being introduced on Twitter.

While the idea of a free to play fighting game isn't a new one, Coreupt is heading into a fairly undersaturated market.

An indie production billed as 'next-gen', Coreupt wears its Mortal Kombat inspiration on its sleeve. While the developers have already shared brief gameplay footage, a proper trailer will drop soon, prefaced by some character reveals.

Running on Unreal Engine 4, fancy graphics with flashy particle effects are plentiful in Coreupt, with every character sporting reflective, metallic armor with glowy bits. Building up hype for the upcoming trailer, creator Jesse Wright has been sharing some character art.

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While the game website and gameplay footage have already spoiled a larger cast, three characters have gotten their own reveals - Gatling, Beretta and Winry.

Winry is a pistol wielding fighter, Gatling is some sort of cybernetic swordsman and Beretta is, uhh... she's got horns? The developers aren't upfront about any details regarding these characters aside of profile images. Unfortunately it seems like the design team took a rather outdated and reductive approach to female characters.

Beretta, one of Coreupt's currently revealed fighters.

From the gameplay footage we've also seen Destroy, who actually seems like the most interesting of the lot - they've got a huge polearm weapon reaching further than most melee attacks, and it gets used in most moves with elaborate spinning animations.

Ultimately, we still know very little about Coreupt other than the science-fantasy setting, flashy graphics and gameplay similarities to Mortal Kombat.

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Based on some of the on-screen prompts from the gameplay footage, the game's name is also an actual mechanic. Possibly some kind of super move that players need to charge up during the course of a match and deploy strategically? We're assuming we'll learn more from the trailer set to be released sometime soon.

There's no word on a release date for Coreupt yet, but more character reveals are undoubtedly on the way.

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