In Tanta We Trust DLC coming to Forspoken in May

The upcoming DLC for the debut non-Final Fantasy title of the now-dissolved Luminous Productions will be set 25 years before the main game.

Forspoken was supposed to be the biggest PlayStation 5 exclusive game for the first half of the year - until it wasn't.

The Forspoken DLC will likely explore the story of these four ladies more.

Square Enix has admitted that Forspoken failed to live up to the company's expectations. However, the Japanese publisher is still willing to see things through with its first story DLC set to launch in late May.

According to the official announcement, In Tanta We Trust is an expansion for Forspoken and will be set 25 years before the events of the main game. The DLC will chronicle the events that led to one of the major conflicts in the game, the Purge of the Rheddig.

It looks like the DLC will see Frey travel back in time and work with a secondary character named Cinta to try and save Athia once again.

Forspoken feels like a lot of other older games that weren't received well at launch but ended up being cult classics.

Divisive titles with minimal marketing push are a common theme with Square Enix these days. We hope In Tanta We Trust will help bring audiences back into Athia and play Forspoken again.

In Tanta We Trust will be available to play on May 26. However, if you bought the Digital Deluxe version of Forspoken, it includes early access to the DLC on May 23.

Speaking of Square Enix, the company probably isn't on Sony's radar as far as buyouts go, contrary to popular belief. Even so, Sony is still helping Square Enix out, especially with Final Fantasy 16.

The company recently made headlines for revealing an official teaser for its upcoming NFT game despite confirming that one of the project's biggest backers is leaving Square Enix in May.

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