Immortality is coming to the PlayStation 5

Immortality is a highly-rated interactive film video game that is available on the PC as well as the Xbox Series X/S but not on the PlayStation.

Immortality is an interactive film video game where the player solves a mystery by reviewing live-action footage.

In 2022, Half Mermaid Productions published Immortality, an interactive film video game by Sam Barlow on the PC and Xbox platforms. The game was well received by both audiences and critics with most of them giving it favorable reviews.

Naturally, the absence of a PlayStation release did not go down well with users of that console, especially since the game is popular. Because of this, they have clamored for Half Mermaid Productions to publish a PlayStation 5 version.

Now, after one year of the game's initial release, Barlow and Half Mermaid Productions seem ready to fulfill fan wishes. A few days ago, Barlow confirmed Immortality will leave Xbox Game Pass on September 6, the same day the highly anticipated action RPG Starfield will arrive on the platform.

Under his tweet, a Twitter user with the handle @NyctophileNick then asked for information on Immortality's PlayStation 5 plans. In his words, "Is Immortality coming to ps5 and when? Are there any plans at all?"

To the fan's delight, and that of other Immortality enthusiasts who have PlayStation 5, Barlow gave a positive response to the question. Even though his response was short and brief – all he said was, "Working on it," it sparked hope that the video game will be available on the next-gen console very soon and sent fans into a frenzy.

Immortality is Barlow's third interactive film video game after Her Story and Telling Lies. It follows a similar format whereby the player tries to solve a mystery by piecing together clues from live action footage.

Immortality's creator has revealed there are plans for a PlayStation 5 version of the game.

In Immortality, the player will try to solve the mystery behind the disappearance of Marissa Marcel, an actress who disappeared from the public eye. To do this, they will have to pore through unreleased footage of three films she starred in, as well as behind-the-scenes footage, and interview videos.

The game's description provides more context. It reads, "A starlet, vanished. Her films, unreleased. Investigate the lost works of the silver-screen hopeful to unlock the secrets behind her disappearance."

Barlow didn't reveal a specific timeline for Immortality's PlayStation 5 release. When that changes, you can trust us to bring it to your attention. In the meantime, you will have to play the game on the PC, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S platforms if you are interested. It is also available on Android and iOS via Netflix.

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